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I highly recommend Amanda. Since working with Amanda my life has changed. Within the first month I went from drought to $1024 USD. We cleaned up my messaging, created a content strategy, made a winning $120K formula and now I’m onto $10K consistently. She is the go to queen of messaging. ~ Erial Wheeler

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7 Things That Could Keep You from Experiencing Delicious Soulmate Love from Your Paid Advertising Efforts

Imagine one day you look back and are proud of your paid advertising efforts... "Amanda, what are you WILLING to spend for a new client - not just any client but a perfect client - to come into your...

Top 3 Problems in Getting Clients Consistently – Solved!

When you think of the permanent solution to signing clients consistently, the immediate idea that most people hold is to get more traffic to your business. Yet, 90% of the time, this does not work....

How to Attract and Retain High Quality Clients 100% of the Time

Do you want to solve your low-vibe client attracting problem once and for all? Well, here is my tried and tested approach on how to attract and retain high quality clients 100% of the time. This is...

Am I Giving Away Too Much Value For Free?

"Am I giving away too much for free?" I asked myself this five minutes after I read a piece of content one of my challengers wrote today.  and so I knew I'd like to know what you think. She did a complete 180-degree turn since joining my FREE challenge. She launched an ENTIRE course and the copy...

How to Be Here When the Dust Settles

You want to still be here when the dust settles; you better remember this one thing. This is the prime time. There's only ONE chance at life. As Gary Vee says, "You only get one BAT at life." So MOTHERFUCKING SWING! You are not here for an audition. EVERY day you owe rent for the space you take up...

How to Shift Your Feelings Fast When You Feel Broke

When you feel broke, your money will catch on so you better shift that feeling fast. Here's how... So this past month, I've been feeling very blah and I didn't really FEEL like selling anything or even following through on anything. I just didn't feel like doing ANYTHING! But I I did the things I...