Hi there. I’m Amanda Hines



The #1 Success Coach and Mindset Mentor for creative entrepreneurs

I am on a mission to help you get your messaging so clear that your soulmate clients know exactly where to turn next to get a little bit closer to their business dream – that’s YOU!



Why choose me? I am a creative. I am a woman. I am a life-time entrepreneur. And quite honestly? I’ve mastered the art of identifying, connecting on a soul level within a few days with, and gaining complete interest with ideal clients on a daily basis.


It doesn’t matter how introverted you are (did I mention I am an introvert, too?!) 


As long as you have the heart, the hustle, and the skills to get YOUR clients results – I have the solution to get you in front of them every single day.


And my methods don’t require you to do Facebook Ads, figure out Google Adwords, or go down the rabbit hole of email marketing until you master the first steps to building an unshakeable foundation in your business.


Say goodbye to confusion, inconsistent client bookings, and trying to be the life of the party. 


Just relax, be YOURSELF, and let me guide you on the rest. 



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