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I highly recommend Amanda. Since working with Amanda my life has changed. Within the first month I went from drought to $1024 USD. We cleaned up my messaging, created a content strategy, made a winning $120K formula and now I’m onto $10K consistently. She is the go to queen of messaging.

~ Erial Wheeler

Virtual Support & Online Business Manager,

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Your Top Three Problems in Getting Clients Consistently – SOLVED!

When you think of the problems in signing clients consistently, the immediate solution that comes to mind is getting more traffic to your business. After all, increasing leads and traffic will draw...

Three Reasons Why You Are Not Attracting Consistent Clients

Throughout my years as a consultant, getting consistent clients is the major problem that most of my clients deal with. It doesn’t matter what services you provide, your target market, or niche,...

How to Get High Quality Clients 100% of the Time

Want to solve your low-vibe client attracting problem once and for all? Elevate the caliber of client you serve. Think about who are the easy wins for your business. The people that: - Are already...

Tesa Colvin, Book Publishing Consultant

Tesa Colvin, Book Publishing Consultant (Client) When Tesa came to me she had already acquired her first paying clients and developed a true expertise as a book publisher. She acquired her expertise after investing in both professional training and personal experience as a self-published author of...