You know you have a message burning a hole from the inside out that is just DYING to come out. It’s what keeps you up at night.

It’s the reason you feel like it’s suicide to work for someone else.

It’s the reason you feel like spending time away from work is just CRAZY. Who does that?

It’s the reason you are considered a non-conformist, a rebel, an artist, and so many other things.

It’s also the reason you must show up for your tribe.


Sharing your message isn’t so much about how you feel but it’s about the power in your presence. It’s about YOU showing up from that place of “I understand what you’re going through, lady (or man), and I am here to share with you how to get over your shit and just show up.”

Sharing your message isn’t about the platform in which you choose – that’s simply the means in which your tribe meets you, sits at your feet and listens up. Because you have some answers. Maybe not all the answers but at least you got something to say worth hearing.

So if we are to talk about 1 Compelling Reason You Must Show Up for Your Tribe, although let’s be honest, there’s a TON of reasons.

Here it is:

You cannot suppress your message – you just have to share it with the world or else it will eat you alive.

And yeah – it may sound dramatic. But let’s be honest.

You’re NOT like the rest. Your message is like a WILDFIRE waiting for the perfect spark to unleash it.

Your message is waiting for you to get all your mental stuff together so you can finally say what needs to be said to the people that need to hear it.

And there’s a lot of people that are extremely vague about this – but here’s the thing:

You know what needs to be said because you lived it – hell, you’re STILL living it.

So why not just say it already? Why not simply speak your truth?