3 Critical Questions Experts Should Ask Before Creating Freebies

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Lead Generation |

Dear Premium Service-Provider With Actual Expertise Backed By Real Results:

It’s time that you stop creating basic freebies that attract random people into your email list that have no intentions of building a real relationship with you and only want to TAKE from you.

A sharp list of 300 BUYERS is always better than a list of 30,000 FREEBIE SEEKERS. This resource is going to teach you the first steps to reaching out to these willing interested buyers by asking three critical questions that help you in creating freebies that can get MORE buyers.

Are you ready for that? Great! Keep reading.

#1 – Where are my ideal clients in the business life cycle?

Example for those serving coaches and consultants:

>Are they still figuring out who they are and what their message is?

Are they clear on their identity and purpose but now need to figure out how to create offers?

Have they created clear offers and sold one (or more) but need to learn how to get more clients?

Are they booked solid with clients but now having a hard time finding the time to do their own marketing and sales?

Are they currently looking to expand this program altogether and turn it into a product?

You need to know exactly where your ideal clients are in the business life cycle because then, and only then, can you call them out correctly in all of your copy especially in your freebies!

#2- What gaps in understanding do I need to fill using this freebie to help them make a buying decision in the end?

If you don’t get anything else that I say about creating freebies EVER – understand that freebies are designed to fill your pipeline with people that are IDEAL but just need some nurturing (good lovin’) to know that you are the best service-provider for them.

In other words, PREMIUM freebies are not created just to add more people to your list – they pre-qualify your readers for you!

Use freebies that attract the MENTALITY you desire to work with! And even if your freebie has some people that don’t follow through with that mentality, you need to be relentless about the follow-up process after your freebie.

If you believe in high-ticket sales, then you need to only start creating freebies that speak to the high-ticket sales crowd.

If you believe it’s all about low-ticket offers, then your message needs to be congruent with the set of people that resonate with that.

However, the MENTALITY behind your freebie is that you want to attract a HIGH-caliber of person – not a freebie seeker!

#3 – What result does my ideal client walk away with from this content piece?

Every piece of content should build the know, like, and trust factor. But all freebies have a particular purpose in the bigger scheme of things.

Is it to build awareness of your prospect’s needs?

Is it the first introduction that your customers have to you?

Without a clearly articulated goal in mind, your freebie is just another piece of information that might help your ideal client make a necessary shift but it doesn’t necessarily bring them closer to working with YOU.

So it’s time to learn how to do freebies THE RIGHT WAY.

Comment below “money-making freebie” if you’re ready to learn how to create freebies that sell your soulmate clients on YOU being the best premium service-provider for their needs.