As a B2B service provider, you know that acquiring leads is one of the most crucial parts of your business.

Marketers may promise you the stars and the moon to get you more traffic that will result in more leads.

However, increasing your traffic and getting more leads are not always the immediate solution to securing paying clients consistently.

The truth is that there are actually three places you would want to check in your business first if you are still not getting consistent clients after all those leads.

I will break down where to check and how to improve them below.

#1: Consistent Clients come from great messaging.

Your messaging is not just composed of phrases and buzzwords that you think will attract clients. It is way more important than that.

It determines how well you communicate yourself, your business, what your clients are experiencing and how you can help them solve their problem.

In the B2B world, your clients will always fall into one of the 5 stages of the business lifecycle.  The language is very predictable for each lifecycle stage, so it will be helpful to create your messaging using the buzzwords for each specific stage.

For example, startup entrepreneurs are simply trying to get their very first paying clients. So the term “first paying client” and the ilk will immediately get this audience’s attention.

The term, “consistent clients,” which I’ll be using thoroughly in this post,  speaks to survival-mode entrepreneurs, one level higher than startup mode.

The messaging for this audience type is very different from that of startup’s because they have an entirely different set of problems. Problems like how to cut down on the work that is pulling them away from their genius zone and automate their offer delivery so that they can serve more clients without trading their time for profit.

Messaging for this specific audience should address their main concerns of increasing traffic and sales conversions to hit their desired income goals. Many marketers have the common misconception that lead generation is the one-size-fits-all solution to these problems. However, this is not always the case.

Sometimes all you need to do is to tweak your messaging according to your expertise, the value you can provide to your clients, and what makes you better than the next service provider down the street.

#2: Consistent Clients come from understanding which audience you best serve.

Many well-meaning experts choose a niche that could benefit from their expertise but don’t stop to think about whether the work they do will generate quick wins for the client based on where the client is in the business life-cycle.

One example that I’ve seen are graphic designers who target consultants in startup mode. Why is that, you ask? As a startup, creative marketing collateral should be the last thing on the entrepreneur’s mind. Instead, startups will move the needle in their businesses faster when they place their focus on generating revenue from networking, referrals, and customized offers tailored to the prospect’s individualized needs.

These graphic designers should not be entertaining the possibility of working for startup businesses as their solutions would not solve their startup’s immediate struggles. Rather, graphic designers should focus on businesses that already have established clients with credibility in the marketplace whom desire to scale their businesses with marketing automation, courses, and membership sites. Businesses that can see tangible results quickly from investing with them.

The more clear you are on who you serve, the better your messaging and the more you will attract the right people to your business.

However, you still won’t get consistent clients even if you have the right messaging and the right audience without this one final thing which you’ll find out below.

#3: Consistent Clients come from the right offers.

If you are attracting the right audience and you understand their pain points, desires, and frustrations, but you have the wrong offer, they still won’t invest in working with you.

A misaligned offer could be a sign that you are targeting the wrong audience altogether. Sometimes, it is a matter of simply adjusting your offers to serve your audience’s true needs.

It will always be easier to create and sell offers quickly to an engaged audience whose true desires and problems you are already aware of. Why would you sell to someone who you are not sure would benefit from your offer?

An example of this is my past client, Eve who struggled to sell her offer before I started working with her. When we had put together an offer that matched the audience she was serving, she immediately sold the offer to three paying clients within a week.

She then realized that her expertise was best utilized by a more seasoned audience that needed help with increasing engagement and building communities.

Once you get your messaging, your audience, and your offers aligned with your ideal clients, that is the only time that would want to add traffic into the mix so that you can increase the number of leads that are already proven to be the perfect match for your expertise and services.

If you believe your audience, offers, and message are aligned, then you are truly ready for more traffic.


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