Throughout my years as a consultant, getting consistent clients is the major problem that most of my clients deal with.

It doesn’t matter what services you provide, your target market, or niche, anyone who is an entrepreneur knows this struggle.

At one point or another, I know that the following thoughts have entered your mind…

“Maybe I’m just not hustling enough.”
“Maybe I’m not doing enough to get myself out there and generate leads.”
“Maybe I should resort to doing [insert shady marketing tactic here] just like everyone else even though I don’t want to.”

I am here to tell you, THESE ARE ALL LIES.
I know how it feels like to be consumed with generating leads day in, day out, but not have clients committing to your program.
I know how frustrating it is to work yourself to death but still not get results.

But I realized one thing…

Getting more leads and increasing your traffic do not guarantee paying clients. The real challenge is converting these leads into paying clients month after month. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a foolproof process you can do to make sure this happens consistently?

Here’s what I want you to do…

Take a moment to evaluate your business and find out if you are guilty of committing the three no-nos that are blocking you from scoring clients consistently.


Reason #1: Murky messaging


You may not realize how important messaging is in the whole scheme of your business, but it is.

Messaging is not only the tagline or the “About Us” copy of your business, but it is how you communicate yourself, your business, your clients’ pain points, and your value proposition to the world.

It encompasses your overall business strategy as it helps you filter out undesirable leads and attract soulmate clients who you can best serve.

In order to explain this better, I am going to tell you about the five stages of the business lifecycle. Each stage in the life cycle has specific needs so they would, therefore, react more strongly to some buzzwords more than others.

If you are targeting startup entrepreneurs, you would best use content or words that are relevant to their major struggle, which is getting their first paying clients.

One step above them are the survival-mode entrepreneurs. They have already secured clients, but are struggling to sustain momentum. They want to find easier ways to automate their background admin processes so that they can have more time to serve their clients. They would be more drawn to content that addresses their problem.

So terms such as the one I am using here, “consistent clients,” would stand out to them.

Yes, sometimes it really is that simple. Sometimes the hardest problems have the easiest solutions. However, tweaking your messaging would be a moot point if you don’t know this one thing about your business…


Reason #2: Not knowing your target market


Let me ask you this…

If you are in dire need of medical attention, who would you go to: a plumber or a doctor?

We all know the answer to this one, right?

Sometimes, we still accept clients even though our expertise doesn’t match their needs.

Or even though we don’t know if our services would benefit them in the current business lifecycle stage they’re in.

Whether you have well-meaning intentions (or not), this is something that we should all avoid doing. You will only be wasting your and your clients’ time. And this will only result in negative feedback and soured relations between you and the clients because you wouldn’t be able to help them achieve the results that they need.

What you should do instead is this…

Be clear on who you serve. Let this reflect on your messaging so that you’ll be able to attract the right people to your business.

Once you have the right messaging and niche, it’s time to package them (along with your expertise) and offer it to people. But make sure you are doing the following…

Reason #3: Rigid and misaligned offers

So you have finally baited the right audience whose desires, frustrations, and pain points you know like the back of your hand. But they are still not investing in working with you.

Why is that?
You could be extending your offers to the wrong audience. Offers should be scalable according to the clients’ needs. You should be able to learn to adjust them so that they wouldn’t be able to resist saying yes to working with you.

An old client of mine, Eve came to me with this problem. She struggled to sell her offer even though she already had her messaging and niche down pat. So what went wrong here?

What we realized is this…

Her expertise does not benefit the people she has been sending her offers to. Her perfect match is a seasoned audience that needs help with increasing engagement and building communities. Once we have fine-tuned her offer fine-tuned her offer to reflect that, she was able to sell her offer to three paying clients within the week.

In essence, the three secrets to attracting consistent clients each and every time are: effective messaging, complementary audience, and aligned offers. Once everything is running smoothly, you could start working on increasing your traffic so that you can generate more leads.

If you know you are ready for more leads and traffic, grab my free guide on how to “Sell Out Your Offers without Spending a Single Penny on Advertising.”