Key Tips to Hiring Amazing Talent for Your Business

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Mindset |

From the very first day in your business, you can hire talent to come in, take your ideas, and make them shine….

Or you can try to do it all by yourself and bootstrap your way through it.

Personally, I prefer Option 1 but it’s YOUR business. Do what makes you happy and rich. Don’t forget rich.

One of the things that I’ve learned from Shark Tank Billionaire Daymond John is to hire incredible talent to help take your vision and bring it to life.

This talent can come in the form of:

Getting better at marketing and sales. Well, that’s not where you are – yet.

Get more products, programs, and services when you have this gut feeling that none of them will work – because there is a gap somewhere in your foundation.

So here’s what you SHOULD do (if you’re really fucking serious about changing this shitty situation)…

What you actually need to do is to speak to the core, the heart, the soul of that person – speak to their situation as if you were a Ph.D. and had walked ten thousand miles in their shoes.

Because you’d start to penetrate their mind and make them realize they WOULD BE FOOLISH to continue on without working with you. If you said the same thing every fucking day, you’d be better off than becoming this content machine with shallow words that barely hit the surface.

And so the fact that people don’t respond to you very often has nothing to do with the fact that they don’t physically see your posts. It’s that you get to the heart of the message but don’t captivate their attention from the first sentence so your core message is too deeply embedded in your posts – they’ll never see it.

You don’t know what your core message is so no matter what you write, it won’t truly connect with people or it’ll only attract people who aren’t right for you for various reasons.

Time – you started your business and time was one of the things that you wanted to make sure you had complete control of with what you’re doing with it. Being chained to your computer for little to no results wasn’t what you had in mind

Money – you can spend a billion dollars on coaching, marketing, advertising, and any mix of it but if you don’t step powerfully and master the CORE of your business, you’ll never make it as a coach. You’ll keep circling, and your vision won’t be realized.

Banging your head against the wall – because this shit can get frustrating like HELL. You start to second-guess whether you are even cut out for this business thing. You start to question maybe you should tear up that resignation letter or go back to that mind-numbing job that you swore you’d never return to.

But you don’t need to second guess yourself. YOU. ARE. READY. Make your impact. Keep going at it.