In the entrepreneurial community, it’s like the holy grail to say that you’ve actually started a business. It is the ultimate validation that you at least have what it takes to claim the Coach title.

But getting to $10k is much more than just being an expert who is passionate about her craft. On the road to my first $10k month, I had to make mistakes and learn the following lessons in order to reach this important milestone.

Lesson #1: Divorce Perfection

Striving to be perfect kept me broke for a very long time. I used to only want to launch my ideas to the world once they have been refined and all my ducks are in a super clean row. Because I didn’t believe people would see me as an authority in the marketplace if I didn’t have a super polished website, expert copy on all of my landing pages, and a drool-worthy office background.

Guess what, none of those things ended up helping me to create my first $10K month. They are not what you need to focus on in order to build an expert business unless you are a website designer or a brand strategist. Your message, your presence, and your enthusiasm for what you do will take you much further in the beginning stages more than anything else.

Lesson #2: Craft an Unshakable Mindset

I’ve always been a personal development junkie and could listen to Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and the other greats for hours on end. However, in order to become wildly successful, you have to develop the mindset of a warrior and champion.

An unshakable mindset drives you to do the hard things, consistently raise the bar for yourself, release misconceptions and belief systems, and activate the relentless leader within.

By the time I earned my first $10K month in business revenue, I invested in a high-level mindset program that dialed down specifically what was keeping me from tapping into wealth despite my love for all things business.

I have since then employed several principles and daily behaviors that have helped me to cultivate an unshakable mindset (which I will talk about in a future blog post).

Lesson #3: Wealth is Simple, Don’t Complicate It

I used mostly organic marketing strategies to attract my first $10k in business. I had one formal process with an airtight follow-up system that I took my prospective clients through. Every day for 33 days, I followed up with everyone that showed interest in what I was offering and then made an offer to fit their specific needs.

In the past, I tried advertising on Facebook, building an email list, and a ton of other things that just over-complicated the entire process of earning money. The truth is, making money is superbly simple, but I refused to believe this in the beginning.

Lesson #4: Enthusiasm Truly Does Bring You Clients

One of my greatest mentors, the late Napoleon Hill swears by having a pleasing personality to bring great levels of success. As I look back during that period when the first $10K came in, I was extremely enthusiastic about my offer and the people I was prospecting. I invested in them as individuals and took the time to help them on a personalized level.

Lesson #5: Be Original Only Where It Matters

As a creative person who values individuality, I desired to bring something totally new and innovative to my industry. However, I didn’t need to do that. I simply needed to bring a fresh perspective in delivering my expert knowledge to help my audience experience positive change. Be original by being yourself and staying true to your message.

You don’t have to create a new way to communicate with your audience or create a new lead generation system. Be original by living out your message and showing your audience and future clients that you walk your talk.

Lesson #6: Implement More than You Think

I’ve thought of thousands of amazingly brilliant ideas but because I didn’t execute them no one benefited from them. Once you have a clear image of what you want to create, start taking action to create it.

Take massive action in the direction of where you want to go and the results will speak for themselves.

Lesson #7: Fully Commit to Hitting Your First $10K Month

The moment I committed fully to earning $10K in business, I achieved it. Full commitment meant high levels of daily action, daily mindset work, and turning off all distractions that would hinder you from hitting your goal. I was so committed that I ignored the naysaying family members and didn’t distract myself by watching any new webinars or trainings while I was in do-mode. I only made time for sales activities and I didn’t stop until I was certain that my goal was reached. I worked like my goal was $50K and ended up hitting $39K instead of $10K.

If you are fully committed to hitting your first $10K month in your expert business, download my checklist to fast-tracking your success as an expert service provider:…/fastest-path-to-10k-checklist/