Want to cut to the chase and buy?

The only way to become the woman God created you to be, make millions by way of who you are, and create a business that creates unprecedented success is to step into your full Sovereignty.

Here I break down the how.

You are here on this page because…

+ You deeply crave ULTRA success – not that mediocre, bottom of the barrel shit that 98% of the people around you are playing at.

+ You want to CUT THROUGH THE CRAP and get straight to the strategies and tactics that move you towards your dream business and far the hell away from everything that doesn’t.

+ You want the CLIENTS and the CASH but not at the expense of your freedom because there is nothing in this world worth your sanity. Nothing.

+ But most importantly, you don’t want to GET RICH selling out, operating outside of integrity, or becoming some watered down version of who you were meant to be.

And now that we’ve clarified why you’re here let’s talk about why YOU may decide you what to stay and who the hell is this brazen, brilliant beauty speaking directly into your Spirit is..

Hey, Genius Woman.

My name is Amanda Hines and I am a visionary leader, facilitator of transformation, and my only goal right now is to help you DROP THE STORY about why you can’t, don’t know enough, or aren’t ready to build the God-given vision-led dream business implanted in you from birth.

See, like you, I’ve always been a high-performer, broke records in EVERY job I held, and worked my face off in school and college thinking that would be the key to unlocking the purpose-driven, freedom-loving life that society promised.

And like you, I soon realized that if I continued on that path I would not only NEVER reach my full potential but I was going to die of boredom, resentment that my schedule was always dictated by someone else, and pissed off that I had been duped to believing this path was the way to begin with.

And so, I went on a path to fall in love with something and that turned out to be marketing – more specifically, the message, and helping brilliant experts communicate their truth in business while seamlessly converting their followers into adoring clients..

I studied. I obsessed.

I learned all the things about building a real business from every authority worth mention but I wasn’t getting it to work for me.

And it was only after I was pregnant with my second son with a toddler at home and recently laid off from work that I decided enough of that shit. It was time to claim every fucking thing that my Creator said was for me.

I believed that I was more than a conqueror.

I believed that I was purposed for so much more.

I believed that God didn’t give me these ideas to just allow them to rot in my Soul.

It was time to do something about it and the lay-off and this rock-bottom was the perfect opportunity to activate my faith.

See, my kids gave me an excellent reason to stop treading shallow waters and finally activate my potential and start making a profit in my business but it was my vision to transform my community from poverty-minded to wealth-mindedness, eradicate human trafficking, and become the most Sovereign fully expressed version of myself that pushed me to continue building my business until it reaches 8 figures cash-received every year.

Because we both know that being able to pay your bills, be financially stable, and have free time isn’t enough to fulfill you. Your business is a vehicle for radical change and learning how to make as much money as it takes to live life the way you’ve dreamed since you were a little girl without sacrificing the mission you came here on this planet for is what I am all about.

So, let me talk to you about what I’ve created to help you do just that.

Introducing The Sovereign Business Academy affectionately known as the REAL SBA.

The SBA is definitely not for everyone and to be crystal freaking clear:

✘ The SBA is NOT for those that: Are looking to be coddled, dictated to, or YES Manned.

You WILL work and walk away with actionable, step-by-step *how* strategies around active prospecting and consultative selling which is the action that brings you the clients and cash.

What you THINK you know about business and cash creation may become obliterated in this space because the focus is activating wealth and your potential; not stroking an ego or reinforcing the employee mindset that keeps you in a place where you have to trade time for money.

✘ The SBA is NOT for those that are opposed to doing the real deep-dive inner work that includes staring their fears in the face like the fear of success, not being able to get this business thing off the ground, being burned, or whatever lie-of-a-thought currently is trying to take you prisoner.

In this container, you will work on your entire person from the thoughts that keep you up at night all the way down to the reasons you would procrastinate on and therefore sabotage $1,000,000 worth of strategy that is proven to work for you.

✘ Looking to get a MBA in business (again) only to do nothing with it.

This container is designed to get you taking massive action on the things that will move you forward and if you are only here to pay for a confident boost and not actually do anything with the knowledge at hand this experience is NOT for you.

Now, let’s talk about how I am so sure that the SBA is a place where YOU can get incredible results in a short wave of time because ultimately you are here for more than just my good looks and great copy.

In 2017, I started working with a client named Tesa that at the time was banking less than $5K per month in her business. She was working at a job where she desperately wanted to remove herself from yet was unsure of who she was as a business owner. She was working with a few clients here and there but was offering way too many services for way too little money. See, Tesa had so many skills and wanted to create massive impact helping leaders successfully launch their books and position themselves for six-figure offline opportunities but kept attracting clients that were under committed and unable to pay her for the full value of her services.

Fast-forward just 18 months later, Tesa is now a 6 figure cash-received business leader that hosts a tv show, has clients pay her in full upwards of five figures per transaction, and ONLY works with clients fully committed and ready to step into their calling. Tesa also fully owns the value and impact she brings to the table every time.

In 2017, I started working with a different client named Erial who at the time was making about $54 USD per week as a virtual assistant. Again, Erial had a track-record of brilliance and had a wide variety of skills but was unsure of how to break into the 4 figure per client range for her services. She knew she was worthy, deserving, and capable of more but simply could not crack the code.

Within 4 months together, she was not only earning $750 per client but today works with clients running international businesses as a personal assistant and right-hand wingwoman because they understand why they can’t afford not to have her genius onboard. Erial has since then resigned twice to continue to elevate her business and transform into woman she knows is capable of creating a multi-million dollar empire.

See, both of these clients got the practical strategies to move their businesses forward but required to look deep within themselves and fully receive and acknowledge just how valuable they are – or their ideal clients would never have been able to see them as the best match.

Of the now over 200 women that I have personally helped move their businesses forward and activate their genius into profit and real, lasting impact the ones that become wildly successful understand that wealth requires total acceptance of Self, faith-based action, humility and coachability in order to accelerate their results.

I know you are not different in that regard. You simply want to work with someone that understands true business strategy, has a track-record of guiding you to the results, and can see the bottlenecks and pitfalls so you don’t have to keep circling back to what feels like first-base in your business.

You aren’t looking for a Savior, a magic pill, or fast-money scheme.

You are here to change your own life and the lives of many through your zone of genius.

That’s why the SBA is for you.

So, what exactly do you get when you join the SBA?

A customized 12 month marketing strategy centered around your business and life goals because you simply just cannot separate the two – no matter what the gurus say.

A quarterly intimate deep-dive into your energetics and mindset with my world-class psychotherapist – that has helped me to leap into multiple six-figures in under 12 months – to see exactly what fears, patterns, and programs would try to thwart your efforts of becoming wildly profitable in full Soul’s integrity.

Unlimited access to over 8 proven courses already created that help you master all things client acquisition from nailing your soulmate client profile once and for all to getting those clients to say YES and pay you on the spot.

Full love and support of a sisterhood of disruptive, business leaders that get the hardships of business, life, being a mother, a wife, and everything in between.

& World’s More.

Member-only consideration and cross-promotion on my social media channels and first-dibs on any guest feature opportunity which allows you to reach hundreds if not thousands of your ideal clients.

Just in case you are wondering what it is really like to work with me, here’s a snippet of what paying clients have said about their experiences…

Amanda Hines is exceptional at what she does. She is a genius at making sure your messaging is right for your audience, and that you are saying the EXACT things that they need to hear to resolve the problem they are facing. My online and offline messaging has improved 100% after working with Amanda, my prospecting skills are getting even better, and I am connecting with my ideal clients who need my services. She delivers an incredible amount of value in her courses, and on top of that, is willing to answer questions and help you execute your plan.
I HIGHLY recommend that you have an “Amanda Hines experience” as soon as possible! Clarissa Winchester

Amanda has the answers to many of the questions! I have learned so much from her about authentically growing my business and reaching new clients. I wholeheartedly recommend signing up to one of her programs and following her systems to the letter, if you want to create real growth in your business. Samantha Brightwell

If you’re looking for some SERIOUS SUPPORT to help you achieve your business goals, hook up with Amanda, fast! I’m yet to meet someone as devoted to your success as she is; she goes to great lengths to help you achieve your goals. Ngozika Olofin

Amanda blew my mind with her expertise and care. She takes the fluff out and gives you what you really need to create momentum in your business. If you need help identifying your target market and crafting a message that connects, I strongly recommend to check her out. She’s amazing! Lina Adjogble

So there you have it…

There is really nothing left to say about the SBA or me other than that if you feel called to join this experience, transform your business and life from the inside out, to click the button below and get your gorgeous self enrolled. 


Oh, and just a little bonus for you when you choose to invest with the full-pay option that screams full commitment, all the way IN, and ready to go….

I help you write the marketing campaign for your next big thing FOR FREE.

That’s a $16,000 value – and only available as a VIP buy-now and in-full option. Honestly? Its crazy.

But I am fully committed to you when you fully commit to your expansion.

The Sovereign Business Academy VIP Membership includes:

✔️ Everything included in the Standard membership of the SBA from unlimited access to all the courses offered in the Amanda Hines International product suite for the full twelve months of membership. ($9000 value)

✔️ Monthly implementation sessions where you and I work through launch copy, messaging, sales, or anything else on your agenda at the given time. ($2500 value)

✔️ Quarterly one-to-one sessions with my resident psychotherapist Maryke Blom to laser-point out any internal trauma or incongruities that would cause you to self-sabotage your results and then swiftly shift them. ($3500 value)

✔️ Bonus access to one of the most transformational courses around mindset led by Agnes Kowalski, Permission to Prosper, to blast through the inner chatter that doesn’t align with you stepping fully into your Sovereignty. ($297 value)


And one last thing…if there is even an OUNCE of doubt as to whether or not the SBA is for you and you would like to personally connect with me to talk it out, send me a message below.