I distinctively remembered the moment when I wanted to just go for a long walk, take a few days off from my business, and feeling like I just wanted to bask in sunlight.

Hug people.
Be one with mothernature

After working tirelessly for an entire year behind my desk, I simply wanted an opportunity to rejuvenate my mind, body, and spirit.

But I knew that although I had the freedom to make this decision at any time, my business would not run unless I was the one generating the leads, hosting the sales calls, processing the payments over the phone.

Without me, what I built would come crashing down like a ton of bricks.

So, I had to make a shift.
Actually it was a series of shifts.

They were:

– Hiring team members to help my message get in front of more of people more quickly.
– Hiring team members to help me to close and welcome in more of those perfect people.

And once I did that, I realized that I had about 40% of my day open up.
My income EXPLODED in what seemed like overnight.
And then I went back and started helping my clients who were right behind me do the same.
Their incomes exploded and my entire vision was realized on a micro basis.

My legacy IS every life that I touch – and it starts now.

So for the sake of your legacy, are you ready to give up doing it all by yourself and enlisting the right people to make your vision the reality now?

When the answer is YES, PM me.