Clients, sometimes don’t trust themselves. They are not fully confident in themselves. Much like you and I, they need reassurance that they are making good decisions. So, how do you get clients to pay you in full and holistically feel good about it?

Last year, when a client told me she could pay in full for my program but that she didn’t fully feel confident in her decisions, I reassured her that there is another option that wouldn’t leave her eating Ramen noodles and Kool-aid for the next 4 months.

The payment plan.

She gladly accepted.

Yet, when the exchange was done and I saw that I could have required a pay-in-full I decided to take a much deeper look at what actually was going on here. Not the surface level belief of : “I don’t believe I am worthy of X amount of money” because at this stage in my journey, that is a cop out statement.

I absolutely don’t tie my human being worth to the price of my products and services. That’s a conditioning that I chose to release.

I thought about it on multiple levels and realized that logically I wanted to get client testimonials prior to asking for that type of money upfront.

I wanted my client to feel safe around investing with me and make a large enough commitment upfront without putting herself in a really bad position – I’ve done it. Its traumatic. She did it, too with another service-provider. This made us both feel safe around the investment in that moment.

Then, on a deeper level here is the dialogue that my mind and my heart were having:

I (Amanda’s mind speaking here) would be totally congruent and in alignment with you charging $8k – $10k for this program if you had more testimonials and case studies from clients. I am not saying that you don’t know your shit but seriously, it would just make me feel better.

(Amanda’s heart speaking here): What mind-brain is saying is complete bullshit. You know with full certainty that you would do every fucking thing within your power, except do the work for your client, to make sure she got her results if she invested that kinda money with you. Don’t listen to mind-brain. We both know I (your heart) is right.

(Amanda’s intuition speaking here): What makes you feel safest Amanda? Energetically, you feel that your client doesn’t trust that she can make her payments each and every month. So why not offer her the option to pay more now and then just double the deposit? It makes more sense for you to secure your energetic investment by asking for a higher deposit now instead of later. Its not a full payment upfront today but it does feel better for me to know that you are getting paid for your services in full prior to the commencing of the client-to-coach relationship.

(Amanda’s mind speaking here): Intuition, I completely get what you’re saying and I have no issues with us charging the client a deposit that is higher now and then equal payments over the next 4 payments within the time working together. I just don’t believe its right to charge double the price of services now, when you don’t have enough testimonials showing that your clients are getting the types of results you know they would working with you at the 5 figure level.

(Amanda’s heart speaking here): So mind-brain, you think it is 100% okay to charge $6K and even in full now but not the $10K that the value of the services are really worth? You want to wait until testimonials come through? Okay. I don’t agree with that but that’s fine. At least, energetically if clients invest the $6K upfront, their energetic exchange will have been higher upfront and then it would just be a matter of time before those testimonials came through anyway. As long as that makes you happy.

Remember when you made your first 5 figure investment and how fucking outside of your comfort zone you felt? You didn’t even know if you were going to be able to pay the following month. Wouldn’t you have felt more confident paying for the services upfront and then having the ease of mind that its all paid up so you can focus on doing the work and being fully present?

Ego interjects: And you defaulted on that payment plan, btw. Having to play catch up later to clear the debt. (Intention was to shame)

Heart continues: I believe you should allow our clients to have the peace of mind that I didn’t have during this time. Putting your ass on the line and going all in is what we do when we truly believe in ourselves.

So what is this, ego? Btw, who the fuck is talking to you? You are here trying to shame us (heart and mind). What problem did you come here to solve?! None? Then, fuck off.

These are the type of conversations where you integrate your entire being.

They are not meant to be verbalized with others but are rather important to see where in your pysche there are mixed feelings of where you are headed next.

Use this as an example of how to find out the truth about how you feel on every level about your decisions.