The first question you have to ask yourself when you want to design your signature coaching program is:

What is the specific result or big promise that your clients walk away with as a result of working with you?

If you are like most experts, this could be difficult to pinpoint as there may be many things you are great at helping your clients move forward with.

But for the sake of this program, you have to think about the one big result. What is the one thing that your clients are struggling to achieve right now?

My soulmate clients desire to have incredible lifestyles where they can work on their terms, choose who they work with, get paid millions of dollars, and impact millions of people as a result of the purpose-driven work they do.

But the one BIG result that my 4 Month Experience Program provides is to execute a plan to create $10,000 cash months in their expert businesses as a direct result of working with me.

Now, as an industry expert like yourself, take a look at all of the people that you’ve served and helped to achieve a result – whether that is your employer or in your private practice.

In their own words, what do all of these clients come to you for?

What is their major pain point that you repeatedly keep hearing from them?

What is the specific process that you take each of these clients through to achieve the result?

How long does it take for your clients to achieve these results?

What is the value of this transformation to the client?

Knowing what the steps are and actually creating the program are entirely two different things.

In order for this program to be truly successful and transformational, you want to run this program a few times with clients and test and optimize it so that you can refine your processes and improve your clients’ results.

Now, if you’re wondering:

What if you have not served anyone yet but have specialized knowledge that you want to fast-track and sell as a service?

You need to first perform the necessary market research so that you can answer the question:

“What is the big promise or desire that people have who could most benefit from the information I have?”

And after you gain some tangible experience, I’ll be giving you a free worksheet you can use to design your signature coaching program in my Facebook and Pinterest pages, so follow me on my social media pages below to get access to exclusive freebies and more.