Are you tolerating slow growth in your business? Could that perhaps be the reason why your business is not experiencing explosive growth?

Well, let’s find out together!

This was my reality a few months after I started my months. I sat down to evaluate why I wasn’t seeing any tangible results yet I was working day and night like work was the only thing I was born to do. Work was my “oxygen”, but I was suffocating!

I was consciously aware of my own self-sabotaging behavior. 

I told myself that I wouldn’t grow too quickly because I didn’t want to create gaps in the foundation for my business.

I told myself that I wouldn’t grow too quickly because it would water down the customer intimacy I had with clients.

I told myself that I would be acting outside of integrity and that I would alienate my tribe by making these quantum leaps.

But after some deep and transformational work, I realized these were ALL stories.

The truth of what I decide to consciously believe is that quantum leaping is more about radical self-love and owning my zone of genius relentlessly.

Quantum leaping would mean that I have radically upgraded my internal systems from my DNA to my beliefs and everything around them plus stepped fully into the CEO role of my business.

This would allow me to create a deeper level of customer intimacy in my business.

I would have more fully committed clients that are fully invested in the work and the investment to get started with me.

I would be giving myself permission to become the influencer that I am called to be, reaching thousands, if not millions of soulmate clients on a consistent basis.

In other words, slow growth is only a hindrance of me stepping into my full purpose now.

It serves no one.

So I ask you: what story are you telling yourself about why its acceptable to grow slowly or incrementally when you can have explosive growth right now? Find out how by joining my 5 days sprint to $10k challenge here.