Sell Out Your Offers Using Personal Outreach and Free Groups

(and why when you’re attempting this its NOT working)

When a client commits to working with you, its because they are sold on your energy.

I cannot stress this enough.

And keep reading because this is a post that could change your income PERMANENTLY for the better.

And that energy comes through in your messaging.

Do you think that when you write from an anxious, sleep-deprived, overwhelmed place it doesn’t show in your messaging?

Do you believe that prospects are not able to feel the words you write on social media because they are written and not spoken?

Every word.
Every sentence.
Every message.

Carries a vibration.

Its what tells you whether to follow someone.
Trust someone.
It tells you whether you vibe with that person.

Or not.

So when you learn how to speak, write, create from a high vibe place…

A place where you sound like you know your shit (an expert)
A place where you can be transparent and honest (credible)
A place where you can talk about your life and story (relatable)
A place where you can sound confident in your skills and results (reliable)

Then you will attract the relationships you desire from social media.

Its all in the energy of everything you communicate.

Be intentional with what you share because those clients you desire to connect with are listening.

And if you’re not sharing, they won’t see you.
If they cannot see you, its because you are not speaking their language.

If you’d like to learn more about creating intentional, non-spammy, highly engaging content, comment below with what your expertise is and who you want to communicate with.