How to Find High-End Clients to Fill Your Coaching Programs

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Mindset |

The other day someone asked me, “Amanda, where are the high-end clients hiding?”

And my response was, “High-end clients are everywhere.”

And the truth is that you don’t see them because you are not showing up and speaking up as the person they want to interact with – yet.

So today I am sharing all about how to find high-end clients to fill your coaching programs that reach out to you to learn more about how you can work together.

1. Lead with a quality introduction

Leave a thoughtful and thorough introduction in a group to say who you are, what you do, and why you are in business today.

Leading with a quality introduction allows your prospects to establish a connection with you. Prospects that are not actively looking for a solution may see something other than the problem you solve as the basis for initial conversation and reach out to you.

Prospects who are looking for someone that offers the solution they are searching for will get an opportunity to reach out and connect with you – providing you with an opportunity to invite them to a consult call.

However, in all┬ácases, if the prospect doesn’t know who you are and you immediately lead with a pitch or say nothing at all – you will go unnoticed or viewed as spammy.

2. Show them how you can help them early on

Creating content that helps your ideal clients get the mini wins that they want will help them to feel more comfortable in working with you.

Forget about giving away too much value for free – just give freely and often and ask for the sale equally.

3. Read the energy of the community you are in and assess the vibe

One of the most impactful things you can do is to take the temperature of the community you are in. What is the overall mindset of the members? Are they always swooning over free material? Does the community leader give off the vibe of low-end, free, and desperation energy?

Don’t ignore these signs. Spending your energy in communities where people have no intentions of investing in themselves leaves you depleted. Remove yourself from these environments and elevate your inner circle.