Getting your first paying clients for your coaching or consulting business is a simple process. However many service providers struggle to attract new consulting coaching clients.

Why do so many talented experts struggle with client acquisition?

What Most New Coaches Do to Get Coaching Clients

Most coaches and consultants focus on things that don’t actually result in new coaching clients for their businesses.

They focus on building out a gorgeous website with photographs of their perfectly tossed hair, new logos, and professional branding, building out complicated sales funnels, and spending money on advertising.

The truth is that the only thing you need to focus on as an expert service provider in the beginning stages is selling your expertise to the pioneer coaching clients.

What Coaches and Consultants Should Focus On to Get Clients

Coaches and consultants should focus on getting in front of prospective coaching clients, nurturing these leads, and closing sales in the startup phase of their businesses.

The truth is that until the coach or consultant actually begins to serve paying clients, they cannot determine what their audience desires from them.

The marketing message gets refined best after serving clients and learning about their true needs, desires, objections, and motivations. Otherwise, the marketing message becomes guesswork making it more expensive to market to your audience.

You should understand who you are serving, what you are helping them to accomplish (the big promise), and have a clear offer that shows the prospect that you understand their problems better than they do.

What most coaches and consultants don’t know is that you can perform market research, pre-qualify your leads, and close sales in days given you understand how to structure your outreach conversations.

During your consultations, you should find out where your prospect is right now, what is keeping them up at night, why it matters that they fix their issue now, and provide an offer that speaks directly to that particular prospect.

So rather than focusing your attention on visual branding, complex funnels, or anything that is not going to bring you clients right now, place all of your attention on building authentic relationships within the marketplace.

Form relationships. Help people. Give value. And ask how you can help them further their life. What I have seen is that there are a lot of people that are always looking for help. Keep serving and you will be able to share your services with them competition-free.

Want to know how to effectively sell your signature coaching program? Stay tuned for the next installment of my “Signature Coaching Program” series.