Chances are, you have a business. That business may even yield a pretty chunk of cash month after month. Or perhaps you’re working on building that business to rockstar status so you can buy whatever you desire on a whim.

Newsflash: a profitable business doesn’t equate to a happy life.

Running into a closet daily because you don’t want to do the work – you’re doing the WRONG work!

You don’t have enough to do the things you truly care about and the things that light your soul on fire – still WRONG work!

If it weren’t for the money, you’d simply go back to work – say it with me… WRONG WORK!

So here’s what you SHOULD do so you can have the business and life you love that they preach on every business coach’s website

What you actually need to do first:

Get clear on the purpose and the big vision you have for your life.

Get clear on all the things that light your soul on fire. Make you feel giddy, excited, and absolutely blissful. Get crystal fucking clear on what you want to do for the rest of your life even if you didn’t get paid one red cent for it

If you didn’t get paid a single dollar for this work that you’d be doing, you wouldn’t care because it makes you happy and it serves an incredible purpose in the lives of others. People need you to do this work, its high value, and you wouldn’t mind doing it for free

When you figure out what that great work is for you, you’ve found alignment. You’ve discovered the missing piece to the perfect purpose-driven business. By perfect, I mean worth doing – not won’t come across obstacles.

You’ve identified the purpose of starting a business. Lady, you have the first rock for a monumental vision- and purpose-based business that lights you up, does great work, and can bring in a shit ton of money.

Because let’s face it, did you really think I want you to go broke? The days of starving artists are DEAD. It’s time to make money doing what you truly love and now you have the first steps to succeeding in doing just that.

So the heavy lifting isn’t done. But you should be excited. It should make you ecstatic to know that you don’t have to sacrifice your sanity in order to move into alignment with your life’s vision.

You write the vision as you want it to happen. Include the fine details of why it matters to you, who you want to serve, what ways it brings value to their lives, etc.

If you didn’t notice, that was your marketing foundation right there! You’re already ahead of the game!

It’s Time to Bring in More Support to Create Fast Results

You are now stepping into the realm of leadership – which means that you can and will summon business specialists to support you in communicating the vision clearly, writing out your message and framing it in a way people understand, and selling that vision like hotcakes every single day for the rest of your life.

And because it’s YOUR vision and you are the leader in this business, you start with writing the vision in all its glory so when you’re ready to move from idea to business, you don’t have to worry that people don’t completely understand the bigger picture.

Everyone you hire will know for sure what the end goal is in mind for their personal contribution. Hiring and adding team members will feel good because you can be highly selective working only with people that believe in your vision and can do a damn good job of contributing to its success.

Gone are the days where you have to explain what is it that you do and who you are here to help. Writing your vision and creating your framework should be non-negotiable because your business will grow, expand, and morph but the purpose and the bigger picture usually doesn’t change.

So before we go into how to monetize your message, let’s just look at how much you’ve accomplished by completing these first two steps.

You’ve identified your big vision, thoroughly identified its role in your business, and created a framework in which you can build a purpose-driven business.

You’ve clearly articulated your vision, invested in the business support to solidify your foundation, and created the basis and support to share your vision through every piece of content for your business.

You have brought on support to help you understand where to share your message for maximum impact, how to share your message clearly and directly to the people that need it most, and how to automate your efforts so you can do the work once and continue to spread your message ongoing as new people are introduced to you

You’ve literally created the basis in which you can now create unlimited streams of income for your business. Yes, really.

How do you do that?

There are tons of ways to position yourself in the marketplace to make money. Money is unlimited and it loves purpose. So congratulations! The easiest way to start making money from what you have worked so hard to accomplish thus far is to create systems that support getting your message from bystanders that are somewhat interested in what you have to say and nurturing them to raving ready-to-pull-out-credit-card buyers.

Your business support can help you do this by setting up a sales funnel that attracts these people into your list, gives away tons of valuable resources to help them move forward in their lives, and then here’s where the money comes in:


The monetization of your business comes from making offers. You can make offers every single day. Taking your vision and your message, craft offers that compile your knowledge and wisdom into easily digestible material for your audience to grasp the ideas and make tangible changes in their own lives.

Your audience buys from you because they believe in your vision, resonate with your message, and can see a positive impact in their own lives because of the content you’ve produced for them over time.

The systems you put in place, the marketing you have running for you to always have fresh and relevant content dispersed to your audience, and the presence you’ve developed by this point all do the selling for you.

You simply continue to show up every single day with relevant ways to add even more value to the lives of your followers and craft new offers that help them move forward. It’s that simple!

Where to Go Next.

So there was a ton covered in this to help you build a purpose-driven business that lights you up for years to come. But this is just the beginning.

Because it’s so extensive, I’ve created a workbook to help you digest this information and refer back to it for your business-building journey. Comment “READY” here to get access to the workbook.

I look forward to seeing you succeed in this world as the legendary entrepreneur and visionary you have decided to become.