Master Your Message Day 1

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Mindset |

Hey love!

Let’s Get Clear On Your Unique Message!

The quickest way to go from zero or inconsistent clients for your business is to master your message. With heart, hustle, and clarity you can earn thousands – like I have – by clearing communicating your message with those that need to hear it RIGHT NOW. that’s what today’s assignment is all about. Getting clear on your unique message.

Day 1 Assignment:
Clarity Breeds Confidence

Today is all about being bold and publicly declaring your message to the world. Its about owning your message as your own and being true to your values and beliefs.So you have three questions to journal out today. Email your responses back to me OR share them in the Facebook community.
What is your unique message?
Why is this message important to you? (Don’t afraid to get personal)
Why does your message matter to others?

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