Attention: Experts, Professional Service Providers, and Soul-Centered Healers

Enough Studying, Gorgeous! Its time to Powerfully Coach Soulmate Clients and Create Your Own Success Story.

"Have you ever met someone and had an instant connection? You feel like they are a lifelong friend that you've known for ages but its only been a short while. That's what its like when you meet soulmate clients. They are ready to transform their lives and they want you to mentor them. No begging, chasing, or convincing needed. When you come together, its like a reunion that has been long overdue."

- Amanda Hines, Success Coach & Mindset Mentor

Gorgeous, Let me guess...

Right now you’re in a place where you’re exhausted perhaps even fed the fuck up with your 9-5 and its beginning to become a soul-sucking shit fest.

Sure, the money pays the bills but its not nearly enough to create the freedom lifestyle you know you were born for. If you had the assurance of a paycheck tomorrow, you'd have already left. Trust that I get it.

You’ve already taken a big step in dedicating the time to perfect your craft, thoroughly ensuring that you know how to create results that your future clients would fall in love with.

You've also taken the educational courses, invested in the training program, gained some experience, and you truly are an expert. There are no IFS, AND's, or BUT's about that.

Now, its time for you to get the premium support you crave in your business so that you can build your empire.

You're just not sure how.

So here's what is possible for a powerhouse like you:

  • Imagine feeling butterflies of excitement in your belly every time you meet with amazing clients
  • Imagine being in complete control of when you take breaks, eat lunch, and go away for vacations
  • Imagine hearing the "Bing!" notification telling you that you've just receive another instant cash deposits meaning you get paid before the work is complete
  • Imagine having time to spend with your loved ones and contributing to the causes that matter most to you

You can open your eyes now because this isn't a dream. It can be your reality.

Introducing the Soul Sister Experience

It’s the only no-bullshit, jam-packed strategy + luxe business mastermind of its kind for the working woman that works hard and is finally ready to bring those $10k - $20k cash months to life.

Customized business strategy for your unique business. Done.

A support system of equally driven powerhouses for those hard moments. Done.

All the techy stuff from websites to sales funnels. Done and done.

This is definitely for you if you...

  • You're fully committed to doing the work to build your premium business
  • You're ready to charge $3k+ and help clients experience soul deep transformations
  • You're an action taker, teachable, and not overly sensitive

This is definitely not for you if....

  • You're currently struggling to pay for basic necessities like food and rent
  • You are looking to launch a product-based business
  • You don't have the personal or professional experience to call yourself an expert

Due to the fact that I am fully committed to my clients, their work, and their results in this program I can only take a maximum of 22 women for the Soul Sister experience.

About Amanda Hines

Amanda Hines is a Success Coach and mentor to new and emerging entrepreneurs. She has already earned multiple five figure months in her business using the strategies she teaches her clients. Amanda is a mother to two young boys, a dedicated wife, and lives a faith-based life in Philadelphia.

If you are fully committed to your transformation and ready to do the work required to build your service-based business, create 5 figure months, and powerfully impact the lives of others, I invite you to apply for a Breakthrough Session.

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