Let’s talk REAL fucking business skills that will move your business forward and why I was operating like a dumbass for too many years.



This is the #1 fucking skill (hands down!) that you want to master in your business. Don’t outsource this shit until you are at the very least $2-million/year mark!

Don’t do it.
Don’t do it.
Don’t even fucking think about it.

Your message, by definition, is THE reason people want anything to do with you.

It’s the call.
It’s the REASON for everything.
It’s THE BASIS of all your $$$!
It’s what you use to create offers.
It’s what you use to create your Google ads.
Your FB ads.
Your workshops.
Your opt-ins.
Your masterclasses.
Your (enter any piece of content between now and the Great Return here).

DO NOT OUTSOURCE THIS. You have time to LEARN how to do it.


You have no idea how the human mind works and why people buy when a good copywriting course can teach you that.

You have no idea what to actually look for in a good copywriter even if you were to hire out this golden piece of your business

You are taking messaging courses and don’t even know if the person running the COURSE actually knows what the fuck they are doing.

And so…..

Your clients get beige-shit messaging.
That doesn’t even really capture what you want to say.
In your own words.
It’s less powerful.
It’s not authentic because you didn’t really write it.

And I speak first for myself because when I started this path of entrepreneurship, I didn’t realize I was SO out of the loop with my marketing.

I knew NOTHING about how to write my own copy effectively yet I moved onto building funnels and systems (which are important) without first knowing how to put shit that will ACTUALLY GET ATTENTION into the damn funnel.

Your message shouldn’t be OVERLOOKED by default because no one reads it.
Your message shouldn’t be SKIPPED OVER simply because no ones SEES it.

That’s where the problem is for some of you. It’s not that you don’t know WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY. It’s that no one EVER SEES and CONNECTS to what you’re ACTUALLY trying to convey.

I don’t want this to be you.

If you don’t have course $ – buy a book from Amazon. They have amazing starter copies with the real OG’s from 1917. (Ask me for recommendations).

In fact, start there anyway. You need to know how to do this.

If you ignore me when I say your messaging is your fucking bread and butter there is no hope for you. I give up. Sorry, not sorry. But seriously.

Just do it.