The First Steps to Turn Your Expertise Into a Profitable Business

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Brand Messaging, Mindset |

Are you an expert that has a dedicated skill set, experience, or specialized knowledge who wants to package all this into an all-in-one powerful offering? Well, great news! Today, I am sharing with you how to turn your expertise into a profitable business. In just THREE SIMPLE STEPS, you will be able to build an expertise-driven business where you will get to become your own boss, enjoy the freedom of maximizing your earning potential, and make a tremendous difference in the world.


The first step to turning your expertise into a profitable business is to determine why you are going into business in the first place. Your internal desires and deep motivations are what KEEP you in business long after the excitement of being in business for yourself wears off. Build your business is an uphill battle for sure. There will come moments where you feel resistance to implementing something new to further your business but your big “WHY” is what brings you back to focus and gets the work done.


The second step in turning your expertise into a profitable business is to define your unique message. Your message is not a one-liner but rather a compilation of your beliefs, values, and expertise bottled into a continuous dialogue between you and your future clients. Your message is what attracts prospects and connects you on a deeper level with them, and establishes the know, like, and trust factor within your business. Your message is also what sets you apart from another service provider who has similar programs, packages, and perhaps even skill sets as you. No two service providers have the EXACT same message. So focusing on your particular message is the best way to get seen in the marketplace and only attract those who resonate with you as paying clients.


The third step in turning your expertise into a profitable business is to create a high-end offer. Your high-end offer is the unique solution that you bring to the marketplace. The offer is what I also refer to as your “Big Promise.” It’s the specific result that you help your clients to achieve as a result of investing with you. A high-end offer is defined by the transformation and impact you bring to the people you serve; not the amount of time and energy you have to expel to perform your service. Determining your high-end offer comes from doing market research to learn more about the pain points and desires of your audience. But keep in mind that as the expert, you should also know what milestones your clients need to hit in order to achieve the Big Result they are looking for. Want to learn more about turning your expertise into a profitable service-based business?

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