How to Get Paid Consistently Month After Month in Your Consulting Business

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Chasing Clients Every Month is

Not a Sustainable Business Model.

It wasn’t until after I was fired from my last job with no savings, no emotional support from family, and no government backing that I decided to turn a profit in my business. See, I couldn’t stomach the thought of not being able to provide for my young children because of low wages. I couldn’t see myself leaving them everyday to clock in on someone else’s dream instead of being fully present and building my own vision. I absolutely refused to be a yes-woman and have someone boss me around for the next 40 years of my career.

That was my burning desire moment. I stopped playing games, implemented what I knew, and earned more in new client sales than my former job allowed me in a period of 33 days – $39,001 to be exact.

But what happened to me is what happens to thousands of well-meaning experts. You get your business to a place where it generates enough money to take care of your basic needs and maybe an extra luxury here and there only to find yourself hustling just to maintain. Every month, you find yourself starting back at zero with the same stress and urgency to find the next client and you can’t stop because someone at home depends on your income.

Getting more leads or increasing your rates doesn’t stop this problem. Your family is getting older and always having to put off quality time with them just so you can chase the next sale is overrated.

That’s where I come in. Helping you to break free to true freedom from trading hours for dollars in your job or business and to create something sustainable, reliable, and leveraged.

Want my support in creating a sustainable business that allows you to be more present for the people and causes that matter most to you? 

Yes, I am ready to receive help from Amanda because I value my time, energy, and the people in my life.