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I highly recommend Amanda. Since working with Amanda my life has changed. Within the first month I went from drought to $1024 USD. We cleaned up my messaging, created a content strategy, made a winning $120K formula and now I’m onto $10K consistently. She is the go to queen of messaging. ~ Erial Wheeler

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Have You Ever Wished for a Lead Generation Magic Pill?

Have you ever known exactly what to do but secretly wished for a lead generation magic pill that you knew didn't exist? That was what my mind asked for last week. A lead generation magic pill of...

7 Things That Could Keep You from Experiencing Delicious Soulmate Love from Your Paid Advertising Efforts

Imagine one day you look back and are proud of your paid advertising efforts... "Amanda, what are you WILLING to spend for a new client - not just any client but a perfect client - to come into your...

Top 3 Problems in Getting Clients Consistently – Solved!

When you think of the permanent solution to signing clients consistently, the immediate idea that most people hold is to get more traffic to your business. Yet, 90% of the time, this does not work....

Are You an Expert Experiencing Massive Trauma? Do This!

Is there a correlation between those who are now experts experiencing massive trauma as a child that led them to feel neglected, unworthy, unloved, and needing to prove themselves now in their work? It appears EVERY expert I know has all the accolades that would deem them qualified to teach their...

Why Visualization is Both Powerful and Scary AF

Why visualization is both powerful and scary af. Sometime last year I started reading Psycho-Cybernetics which is deemed one of the most influential books, ever. In it, the author talks about visualization and how you can visualize something repeatedly so that when the event actually rolls around...

Are You Feeling Like a Fraud Because You Haven’t Landed Your First Paying Clients Yet?

Are you or your friend feeling like a fraud because you haven't landed your first paying clients yet? Read on... Here's the truth: If you are saying that you can help someone make money online and are positioning yourself as a business coach that helps entrepreneurs make their first 6 figures or...