5 Days to Create More High-Paying Clients Challenge

Join me as I pull back the curtain on how I create an endless stream of clients  on demand.

In just 5 days, I will show you how to turn your expertise into predictable profit month after month with simple strategy and aligned hustle.

In this action-packed, no B.S. challenge, I’m going to show you in 5 days how to fully create real profit in your service-based business and FAST….

I’m Amanda Hines, Success Coach for Experts (like you) and I’ll be bringing you through the challenge.

Here’s what you’ll do during the challenge (Plus you’ll get my feedback each day on the work you do to ensure you are on point!):

  • Day 1 – Your Audience: Discover which audience your expertise best serves and will create the highest return on their investment working with you – creating goodwill and raving fans.
  • Day 2 – The Message: Go beyond the basics and craft a message that hits a chord with your ideal clients and instantly solidifies your market positioning.
  • Day 3 – The Offers: Learn how to cover all your bases with offers positioned to create a customized client experience your they ask you for without adding more work for you.
  • Day 4 – The Invitation: Stop the nauseatingly cruel cycle of discovery calls that don’t convert and get my secret strategy to pre-qualify promising prospects.
  • Day 5 – The Close: Learn the art of graceful close I personally use to help my prospects step over the finish line and say YES before they get off the call (help them go from cold to sold in NO time!).

I have a strict, no B.S. policy. So unlike many social challenges, if you fully commit to this you can walk away with a full plan of action to fill in the gaps to your first (or next) 5 figure in sales.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of my amazing clients have to say:

Before I even invested money with Amanda as a paying client, I participated in her free 5 Day Sprint and that alone was the most powerful free social challenge I’ve ever experienced. She literally walked me through and helped me get clear on everything I needed to get my business confidence up and sell more powerfully.

Just to give you an idea, I developed a completely new offer and started going for my dream clients that pay a lot more than my previous set of clients on retainer. I raised my conversion rate 40% all from the help she provided in her FREE thing.

I kinda felt like I should have paid her for that alone and we are only getting started.

- Shawna Beckmann, Founder of She Speaks Sales

When I joined Amanda’s 5 Days to $10K Sprint, I felt stuck in my position and was feeling like it was time to move on, but was scared to leave a stable income for the world of full time freelancing. I came across the challenge in a Facebook group and immediately grabbed my spot. By about 10 minutes into day 1 it was clear that Amanda was extremely knowledgeable and the information she was relaying in her training was pure gold. I actually couldn’t believe that it was a free challenge because of the high quality content she was giving. Participating in Amanda’s challenge has helped me to determine my ideal client, how to contact them during different stages of our relationship, and how to understand my clients needs in order to develop a long term working relationship with them. She gave me the courage and confidence to step out of my comfort zone and into the life that I was truly meant to live. Thank you Amanda, I will be forever grateful!

- Alyssa Burgoyne, LinkedIn Specialist & Organizational Manager

We are only on Day 3 and this is by far the best challange that I have ever accepted!

I feel 200% more focused.
I feel like I know exactly where I am headed and how to get there.
I feel much more confident about the entire process.

Thanks Amanda for making this process so simple!

- Yvonne Turgeon, Founder of Me First with Yvonne

When I signed up for Amanda’s 10k Sprint, I was hoping to learn how to get leads in my business. I actually got so much more. I learned exactly who my target audience should be based on the stage they are in business. Once you know who your clients are you know where to find them, how to talk to them, and how to structure your offer so they find value in what you do. The 10k Sprint truly helped me feel confident in selling my high ticket offer. Within 2 weeks I had sales calls with potential clients who knew exactly how I could help them and already knew they had to work with me. I didn’t have to sell them anything because my messaging was clear and attracted the right people. The icing on top is all the personal support Amanda provided before, during, and after the 10k Sprint. I could feel that she really wanted me to get the most out of this product and was there if I felt stuck. If you’re on the fence about signing up, just do it! You will be glad you did. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have a winning client acquisition strategy and for those who may want to tighten up their skills to get more clients faster.

- Kelli Brea Morris, Online Business Manager

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