I’m Amanda Hines and I am the top Brand Messaging Strategist and Business Mentor for service-based experts in the business-to-business arena.

If you’re a service-based entrepreneur desiring to master the art of inviting prospects to your high-end packages, then I may be the person for you.

I’ve personally helped entrepreneurs go from a feast and famine mentality to being able to handpick their clients every single month.

Not only does save them the headache of constantly chasing low vibe, demanding clients and barely making ends meet, but it allows them to finally have the knowing and confidence that their services were worth more than they’d been charging before.

Now, I share this simply because I believe I have a single mission.

That mission is to help you find and sharpen your messaging so you attract the right kind of soulmate clients who instantly fall for you and you for them.

Serving them is pleasurable and profitable while they gladly pay you hand over fist to be a client of yours.

The formula for doing this is straightforward.

In fact, what I share in my mentorship programs are simple, yet powerful and applicable steps to help you turn your expertise into a multiple six figure income.

Now, I’m not the only person out there who teaches how to sell premium, but I have literally mastered the art of messaging and experienced every stage and emotion that my clients experience along the way.

By working with Amanda I was able to clarify my message and really hone in on the sales outreach process. The outreach strategy she teaches allowed me to make over 200 connections, qualify each lead, get prospects on my calendar and generate over $26k in the last quarter of the year.


I understand what you’re going through, how to sharpen your message and create a custom content strategy geared towards your personality; show you how you can actually sell your premium packages with simplicity and ease – just like I would do if we were working together.

If you want to book a call with me, then click the button below or fill out the form and I’ll have my assistant setup a time for me to personally speak to you.