Here are 23 powerful beliefs to help you attract your soulmate clients: 1. All of my clients are experts that are fucking brilliant. 2. All of my clients pay me on time, if not early. 3. All of my clients are energetically and vibrationally aligned. 4. All of my clients pay quickly and commit fully. 5. All of my clients are confident in their expertise. 6. All of my clients immediately see the value I bring to their lives and businesses. 7. All of my clients are strong-willed, independent women that take quick and aligned action. 8. All of my clients connect with me on a soul level. 9. All of my clients achieve phenomenal results when working together. 10. All of my clients trust me and lean into trusting themselves and their decisions. 11. All of my clients set powerful boundaries and enforce their high standards. 12. New aligned clients see and engage with my content on a daily basis. 13. I consciously commit to calling in soulmate clients every single day. 14. I consciously commit to being the powerhouse expert that my soulmate client would see, heard, and respond to. 15. I consciously commit to repelling non-ideal clients with my messaging and vibration. 16. I consciously commit to showing up fully and consistently for my soulmate clients. 17. I consciously commit to holding my clients to a higher standard. 18. I consciously commit to being relentless about serving and giving freely to those I desire to serve on a consistent basis. 19. I am grateful for the amazing new clients that are walking into my life! 20. I am grateful for the incredible relationships that I am building energetically at this moment! 21. All of my clients desire to be wealthy. 22. All of my clients do the work until it works. 23. All of my clients are action-takers and winners. What belief did I leave out? You can share with all of us in the comment section below. Also, remember to join my 5 days sprint to $10k challenge here.