When you first started your business and you were still looking for those first clients, you may have felt obligated to serve everyone. You must have accepted any gig that came your way even if it paid peanuts because you were afraid you’d go hungry if you turned down the offer. As a result, you attracted broke people to your business.

Because truth be told, your entire mission was to generate revenue and learn about who you REALLY wanted to serve and in what capacity.

But those days are long gone and now it’s time to speak ONLY to those that are a perfect match for you.

You know…

  • The clients that pay early.
  • The clients that pay in full.
  • The clients that do the work without coddling.
  • The clients that are self-motivated.
  • The clients that crave success as badly as they desire to breath.
  • The clients that do the work until it works.
  • The clients that are hungry for abundant success.

One part of your messaging is all about the problems you can solve but another is about the caliber of clientele you desire to serve.

So in order to call in more desirable, higher caliber clients you have to align your messaging even further.

That means you’re going to BE that client that does all the things you want your clients to BE and do.

And then, you’re also going to publicize it to your tribe.

  • You walk your talk.
  • You show them more than you tell them.
  • You write ONLY in a way that makes anyone who is NOT about what you’re about energetically to feel you are not a good match…because you aren’t.

Polarize your message.
Filter out all the wrong-for-you prospects.
Make it crystal clear what you’re about and who you serve.

And watch how many tire-kickers, freebie-seekers, and energy vampires are REPELLED by your message.

Even triggered by it.

This is how you call in those that are a great match for your business.

But, these are only pointers you need to make in your message to stop calling in broke people to your business. To get the hands-on experience on how to effectively execute them, you must join my free 5 day sprint to $10k challenge.