Are you always committed to the results than the process?

The biggest hindrance for my business in the first few years was that I was committed to controlling the how.

  • I had to know how.
  • I had to know the steps.
  • I had to weigh in on the steps and it had to make sense based on MY limited perceptions.

I micromanaged my business. I didn’t trust others. I am not even sure I really trusted myself.

But although I didn’t trust others, I held their perceptions of me in HIGH regard.

Crazy, right?

I undercharged and over gave. I positioned myself as a SAVIOR instead of a leader.

And I couldn’t figure out why I kept attracting people that REFUSED to pay in full for their services.

I attracted people that were narcissistic and didn’t give a shit about anyone INCLUDING themselves.

Every day, I was annoyed by them. I was MORE annoyed with myself for TOLERATING them.

The money sucked.

Sure, I sold and could EASILY pay ALL of my bills.

But my business was a GLORIFIED JOB.

Every month, there was someone that needed to be REPLACED because their finances faltered.

It got to the point where I EXPECTED clients to have money drama and prostituted my services looking for someone that looked like they could pay for even a few installments to make up for the non-committed complainers.

There was no freedom. There was no taking a break.

I created a monster.

But you know what shifted for me?

It was when I went to Tony Robbins’ Success Summit this year and jumped at the opportunity to get training in real estate.

If you’re thinking, “What does real estate training have to do with your consulting business?”

Bear with me.

I invested $1K to be in a room with multiple eight-figure earners in real estate.

I thought that was legitimately a no-brainer.

I knew that I would get a wealth of knowledge about how to get started in this industry as I saw MANY parallels to what I have already been doing – only the GAINS appeared to be much more favorable.

What I received was SO much more.

I left that 3-day weekend a different woman.

I shattered spiritual and energetic limitations just by being in the vortex of a multi-millionaire for three days.

I realized how POORLY I was running my ship and somehow shifted consciousness to finally allow the support and results I desired to come into my life and business.

That event was one of the most influential events of my adult life.

But I knew that I didn’t just want a taste of freedom.

I was willing to stake SO MUCH MORE for what I deeply craved.

So I invested 5 figures to continue to be supported by this mentor and his team.

I haven’t regretted a single dollar.

I learned about how I could build certain structures into my coaching business to support my clients without personally fulfilling every service.

I learned how to invest my business revenue to make more money on its own rather than it relying on the business revenue to create new money.

I learned what true humility and leadership looked like and how much you really SHOULD give away your knowledge freely to those that are committed to their transformation.

I learned how there is NO SUCH THING as a program that costs too much money and to never judge a book by its cover.

But most importantly, I knew that I was about to change my life and my family’s life permanently because of my decision to COMMIT fully and go all in regardless of what logic said.

As a result of everything I’ve experienced this year, I cannot POSSIBLY run my business the same way as last year.

I cannot POSSIBLY accept the same level of non-action taking individuals that I had before.

I went all in that day. And have committed to continue to go all in for my legacy.

For my purpose, mission and myself.

And because of that, my business, my clients, and everyone that walks into my life will experience some of the most incredibly well-crafted and next-level programs that they have ever seen.

I guarantee it.

So, if you are ready to experience quantum growth on an emotional, spiritual, and financial level I invite you to book a connection call where we can discuss what type of support is best for you.

  • I’ve been where you are.
  • I’ve learned the lessons.
  • I’ve fallen and failed so that you don’t have to.

If you are ready for the next level, I invite you to join me for a call where we come to an understanding of what it takes to get what you CLAIM you desire.

If every fiber of your BEING knows, this is for you click this link and I look forward to speaking with you, Genius.