Here are the 5 unique instances that I’ve felt like a complete fraud in my business journey and how I overcame it every time.

Oddly enough, its the people that are of the HIGHEST integrity that usually feel like a fraud.

Especially as true experts that want to change the world with their skills, talents, and expertise.

Experts are the people that are the MOST self-critical.

Yet, its their experiences that made them relentless about offering the best tools, programs, products, and innovations to the world.

So although you may have to clear up some conditioning and beliefs around where you are now, know that your experiences have molded you to become one of the best personalities to walk this planet.

Today, I am sharing with you 5 Unique Experiences Where I’ve felt like a complete fraud because I know that we feel this from time to time.

But we don’t always understand how to break free from these dark emotions.

# 1. When I started my business.

Who am I to start a business when I don’t even have my own home?
Why would anyone want to take business advice from a woman that lives with her mother in the basement?

How I broke through: I honed into my genius and made a commitment to only talk about the true expertise I had which was not “How to help you hit $10K months” but rather “How to create messaging that your ideal client reads EVERY TIME”

# 2. When I got my first wave of clients and ready to raise my rates.

Who am I to ask these clients to pay higher monthly fees when I can barely pay my own bills? I feel like I am drowning and should be grateful for any dollar that walks through the door at this point!

How I broke through: I released the “FU” energy I carried around paying other service providers on-time. This was rooted in dark emotional energy around betrayal and overly critical parental relationships.

# 3. When I got my second wave of clients and ready to triple my rates.

Who am I to ask for THIS much money at once? I still need payment plans to cover the coaching and consulting fees for my mentors? This cannot be of integrity! Let’s offer extended payment plans!

How I broke through: I forgave myself for my relationship with mismanaging money. I stepped into the identity of a money magnet and excellent money manager.

# 4. When I decided to raise my rates again (third time in 6 months) and take larger installments.

Who am I to serve women playing at this level in their businesses? These women are probably at the exact level of profitability that I am in! How am I certain that I can help them?

How I broke through: I owned TF out of my zone of genius. I invested in being in the same space with women who were further along financially than I was and in conversations realized that they craved what I could bring to their storefronts.

# 5. When I decided to jump from 5 figures per month to 6 figures per month.

You’d be seen as a money-hungry rich woman that offers watered down value for a premium! People will put up bad reviews about you.

How I broke through: I stood in my identity as the most integrity-based, humble powerhouse woman that wouldn’t dare allow her company to drop to peasant standards in client fulfillment.

I vowed to myself and my brand to always raise the bar in terms of the level of expertise I bring and the finished products that I sell.

I vowed to stay true to myself and also hire the right people to keep me in check with those beliefs. In my government (my business), there are checks and balances to ensure no funny business.

Fear resolved!

Do any of these sound familiar? You can take the same steps I took when I felt like a complete fraud in my business journey to conquer your own fears and serve your clients better.  If you can achieve this by yourself, great! If not, let me help by joining my 5 day sprint to $10k challenge here.