Creating a course would dilute my client results.
Creating a course would reduce my completion rate of programs.
Creating a course would deter people from signing on to work with me.

These are just a few of the many reasons that popped into my head that were rooted in the fact that I was resisting creating a more leveraged container for my clients.

My mind went,

No-one gets INCREDIBLE results from courses.
Everyone’s courses are so BASIC and get trolled on.
Courses are CHEAP and you don’t align with that pricing model.

And although all of that could be true for someone, it wasn’t an absolute truth and it was costing me my time which is THE most valuable resource I have.

So, I made a new decision and that was to actively look for evidence that leveraged containers could create EPIC experiences for clients to come.

I googled.
I researched.
And then I started seeing experts within my field of influence show up sharing and guiding around how these experiences could become a full-integrity part of my business model.

And the evidence kept coming.

But before I officially pulled the trigger and created my own leveraged experience I wrote out what I wanted my clients to get out of the experience, why it was different, and how I would ensure that no woman got left behind or forgotten because of this new model.

The result? My first leveraged container that generated $6000 that was marketed 100% organically via word-of-mouth and the level of support in that container led to these women continuing to invest with me in larger, more expansive containers.

So, if you are afraid to create a group program, membership community, or any type of leveraged experience for fear that your client results will suffer, know that there is so much more possible for you.

Start looking for the evidence and tell me below in the comments whether you have any leveraged offers now and how you feel about them. ⬇️