There’s one thing I am hearing repeatedly and it is not that you don’t have enough time to delegate because your business is overflowing with clients.

It is that your business income hasn’t reached a point where you can comfortably hire someone to help you offload the tasks and decisions you don’t want to make.

When that is the case, I say to focus on SALES.

Straight up, you want to ensure you have a process in place that actively generates new leads into your pipeline.

You want to ensure that you have a way to pre-qualify and create conversation with those leads.

And then systematically invite them into your paid offers.

And furthermore, when coaches and consultants tell you that the fastest path to sustainable income is 1:1 I wholeheartedly DISAGREE.

1:1 and DFY is a great way to generate immediate cash-in-hand but they aren’t leveraged income.

If you truly want to release the income roller-coaster once-and-for-all you are going to want to have a mix of active and recurring revenue working in tandem so that you don’t always have to be in enrollment mode.

And then, you can hire a marketing genius to come in and help you create a more leveraged system to building your audience, nurturing your relationships, and enrolling new customers.

So, tell me in the comments:

Why don’t you have the sales you DESIRE? Let’s see if I can help you in the comments.