Is there a correlation between those who are now experts experiencing massive trauma as a child that led them to feel neglected, unworthy, unloved, and needing to prove themselves now in their work?

It appears EVERY expert I know has all the accolades that would deem them qualified to teach their great work.

And they have such a deep desire to help others but it appears to be rooted in self-sacrifice.

Now, I am no exception to this observation.

I am just brave enough to OPENLY admit that I see these correlations and I really don’t value what others say about me as much as I once did.

At least not enough to NOT say what I am thinking, even in the social media space where everyone has an opinion.

If you find yourself saying things like, “But I just want to help people.”

Yet, equally saying “I don’t need anyone’s help.”

Listen to that and ask yourself, how is it that you want to help others yet don’t find it absolutely absurd that somewhere within you, you don’t believe you are worthy of support from others?

These are the signs of deep-rooted traumas surfacing.

The solution? Seek the professional help from a trauma specialist that can work in the depths of your mind and pull the REAL you out.