Are you or your friend feeling like a fraud because you haven’t landed your first paying clients yet? Read on…

Here’s the truth:

If you are saying that you can help someone make money online and are positioning yourself as a business coach that helps entrepreneurs make their first 6 figures or more online yet you haven’t done so, you are lying to yourself and those you work with as clients.

But here’s the caveat:

That doesn’t mean you do not have the skills or expertise that can help business owners take steps forward in building profitable and meaningful businesses.

Do this:

Find the ONE thing you are really great at helping business owners do.

  • Get clear on their mission and what steps are aligned for them based on whatever assessment has been successful for you in your past life as a Guidance Counselor or Career Coach for executives or some different experience in your past life.
  • Get clear on their energetics and how that affects the way they will be successful in building their businesses based on some experience in your past life.
  • Manage their energy and resources so that they don’t go bankrupt trying to build their empires based on your experiences as a Financial Adviser or Investment Banker or other experience in your past life.
  • Write copy that captivates the attention of their audiences.
  • Book sales calls on their calendar based on your experience in sales in your past life.
  • Qualify leads for readiness based on your experience with lead development in your past life.

Listen, this is why SO MANY BUSINESS COACHES ARE FAILING right now whether they’ll admit it or not.

They claim to be business coaches coaching coaches how to coach other coaches.

WTF? Is this the new MLM? Ponzi scheme?

No, you are better than that.

Talk ONLY about what you know and do well.
Sell ONLY what you know and have done well.

Everything else is a misuse of your time, energy, and resources.

P.S. If you’ve not only figured out what your ONE thing is but actually have been itching to learn how to create predictable clients whenever the urge comes you better not miss my 60 minute workshop.

This baby is a gamechanger and field leveler.