How can you generate predictable and consistent stream clients with content marketing?

Prospecting is the process of identifying people that would be a good match for your products and services based on qualifiers or specific criteria.

Once you have identified these people are great potential clients and customers, you begin to strategically position your brand to pique their interest, engage with the lead, and then truly qualify that person so that they can become a prospect.

A prospect is someone that exhibits the traits of your ideal client but also has verified the need is present in their lives or business that YOU solve and are interested in pursuing a solution to that problem.

If the person is not interested, unwilling to invest financially in your services, or does not truly have an urgency to solve the problem you solve you can disqualify them as a prospect.

This prevents you from investing time and energy inviting them to the next phase of the prospecting process which is nurturing them and filling in the gaps needed for them to make an educated purchase decision.

Why is prospecting so great? Because you can take someone from completely cold lead which means they are unaware of you, your brand, and the solution you provide to paying client in a matter of days.

Prospecting done correctly is high-touch and highly customized and is best used when you have a desire to fill your programs quickly with a few high-paying buyers.

But here is why prospecting is not the ONLY focus when you want to build a large base of clients:

Once you have successfully started working with your first paying clients, you should begin to get a feel for how your methodology works in practice with your audience, make tweaks to create a better client experience, and also begin to notice what characteristics exist within your very best performing clients.

At this time, you want to continue to work deeply with these A-list clients without sacrificing your ability to generate new interest for future clients and customers.

Prospecting individuals on a one-to-one basis no longer becomes effective.

So what should you do?

Enter: Content marketing.

Now, the reason so many experts are not successful in filling their offers predictably and consistently is that they are either prospecting OR content marketing.

The best approach is to use both strategies to take qualified leads through the process of becoming educated on you, your brand, your service, and make a decision of whether or not they want to invest in your solution.

Content marketing is like prospecting in that you are using information about your ideal client and their problems to develop content that is specific to the needs, desires, and characteristics of your audience.

Instead of proactively researching the leads upfront through doing the lead research done in prospecting, you include keywords and phrases that capture the individuals that match your ideal client and persuade them to take specific actions that verify interest in your products and services.

Because each lead falls into a specific phase of marketing awareness, your content marketing strategy should account for this and create opportunities or conversion points that tell you where in the qualification process the lead is so you know when you move them from the qualification stage to the prospecting phase.

Now, if you are asking how doable for your business the answer is YES.

Content marketing works for every business with a verified and searchable audience with a proven offer.

The issue is that you have to know your audience better than they know themselves or you’ll have a hard time capturing their attention which is the first step to any successful marketing campaign.

You have to have a clear understanding of how to generate traffic to those content marketing pieces so that you have the leads come into your sphere of influence on a regular and consistent basis.

And there are 3 other very important pieces you MUST have to allow your content marketing strategy working with you to create a predictable stream of ready-to-be-sold clients on demand.

But here’s one thing that is also true:

If you don’t have an offer that positions you to command 5 figures from your best clients, you are missing out on a great opportunity to maximize the amount of time, energy, and resources you are using to execute on these strategies.

And I surely wouldn’t want to waste my time prospecting with nothing incredibly valuable to sell.

Don’t you agree?

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