Mining Facebook groups everyday for hours without end is how I got my first paying clients. In this post, I’m going to share 5 amazing ways to get more qualified leads for your coaching business.

These are the same ways I continue to use to get qualified leads for my own coaching business.

However, it takes a lot of work and time prospecting for new paying clients.

It absolutely comes at a cost.

I know sometimes you’ll want to spend time with your family watching a great movie or preparing lunch. And if you’re like me, you might want to get your post published before your husband comes in from work.

When I first started mining groups for potential clients, I was constantly bargaining with myself saying, “I only have to do this long enough to get on my feet and then I will stop.”

I felt like an addict.

I just needed the quick fix to get the result and then once I got it, I could stop.

If that is currently how you are meeting your paying clients but you want consistent and hands off lead generation and you’ve been straddling the $3K-$5K mark in your business, it’s time for an upgrade in your lead generation strategy.

So here are the 5 Ways to Get More Qualified Leads for Your coaching Business consistently:

Establish Joint Venture & Referral Partnerships

I believe that businesses are run mainly on the quality of relationships you have in place. So if you were to think about it, who do you know offers a complementary service to you?

Who do you know that serves the same audience as you but does not replace what you do for your target market?

As a service provider in the B2B market, there are an endless number of referral partnerships you can establish. Hand-selecting your referral partners and putting together an attractive offer will increase your reach for prospects when you are launching new programs and services.

So, spend a few hours each week consciously calling in referral partners.

Host Social Challenges

When a social challenge is backed by the proper marketing and sales strategy, it can be massively successful for your business.

Social challenges take very little time and energy to prepare. You don’t even have to create the content until after the registrants have enrolled.

Social challenges are great because they operate as lead magnets for those prospects in the evaluation stage of your market awareness cycle.

With just one step away from being fully pre-qualified, your prospects will get an opportunity to have a mini transformation working with you.

Webinar Marketing

Although webinar marketing is not one of my personal favorites, there is no denying the power of webinar marketing for lead generation.

Webinars are able to bring prospects through the process of awareness of their true problem versus their perceived problem in a single presentation. They can introduce cold and unfamiliar leads to you and help to establish the emotion of connection and familiarity in minutes.

Webinars are also great for lead generation because you can sell mid-to-low price point offers directly from the presentation and systematize it using evergreen technology.

The reason I don’t always love webinars is because they require you to write out full presentations. You do not speak to prospects on an individualized basis as this is a one-to-many presentation model, and there is typically a lot of tech involved in setting up, running, and promoting webinars.

Nevertheless, webinars are a great way to get more qualified leads for your coaching business.

Referrals from Past Clients

The best and most effective form of meeting new clients is through those that have already experienced working with you.

After helping others to see results, you create brand ambassadors for your company that will share your offers, act as affiliates for you, and write stellar testimonials.

However, this takes work.

You should include a piece in your off-boarding process that automatically requests feedback from your clients.

Online Reputation Management

As you become more established as a high-end consultant, you will want to make sure that your reputation is managed in the online space.

There are some people that take their frustrations out on your business. They may not have received the results they desired working in your program and blame you and your service.

You want to make sure that when your company name is searched for, there is a positive image associated with you and your work.

Furthermore, you want to make sure that you have a consistent and holistic presence in the online space so that prospects can get to know about you, your message, and your services without speaking to you on a one-to-one basis.

Online reputation management achieves all of these things and so they are a great way to generate leads for your coaching business.

But the truth is, rarely do I come across a service provider these days that simply needs more leads to reach their goals.

Leads are not always the solution.

So if you are looking to bring in consistent clients you love into your business and leave the feast and famine stage for good, join us for our next round of the 5 Day Sprint that helps you to uncover and clear the bottleneck in your client acquisition process.