When you think of the permanent solution to signing clients consistently, the immediate idea that most people hold is to get more traffic to your business. Yet, 90% of the time, this does not work. Getting more traffic is good, but addressing these top Three problems in getting clients consistently is even better.

Because traffic is usually not the answer…

Getting more traffic to your business can only do so much.

You may tap into an unlimited source of leads, but if those leads not interested into what you’re selling, then it would be of no use to you and your business.

So what are these top three problems in getting clients consistently and how do you solve them?

Problem 1: Difficulty in penetrating your target market
Solution: Fine-tune your messaging
If you cannot attract your target audience regardless of the amount of personal outreach and marketing you are doing, consider looking at your messaging.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Messaging? What does it have to do with booking clients consistently?”

It does a lot, actually.

Messaging is not just a bunch of phrases and buzzwords that you put in your profile’s or website’s “About Me” section ( although it is a part of it).

Messaging unveils your expertise, your business, your clients, the value that you would be delivering to them, and what makes you unique.

How do you use this to attract clients?

You can revise your messaging to target your target market’s pain points.

Here’s the thing…

Your clients will always fall into one of the five stages of the business life cycle, so to speak. Each stage of this life cycle has a specific set of problems, so it would be helpful to create your messaging using the buzzwords that resonate with each stage.

For example, start-up entrepreneurs are still in the beginning stage of their business. They are still looking for their first-paying clients so your message should be related to their challenge.

If you’re setting your sights on survival-mode entrepreneurs, you would be better off discussing moving out of the feast-and-famine stage which comes from greater visibility and consistently bringing qualified leads to their offers.

Problem 2: Not delivering results for your clients
Solution: Determine the audience that benefits from your services the most
Quite often amazing experts run into the snag where…

Their earnings have been scarce lately, so they decided to agree to work with clients whom they know would not be able to generate quick wins with their services.

Whether the intentions are well-meaning or not, this will only end badly for both the expert and the client. Both parties would be wasting energy and resources trying to make something work that won’t. And it would affect the expert’s credibility and reputation as they won’t be able to deliver tangible results that they promised initially. Word gets around.

So how do we prevent this?

Get crystal clear on the audience you serve from the get-go so that you can dramatically increase your chances of having happy and satisfied clients each and every time. A happy and satisfied client is willing to spread the gospel about you and refer clients to you. They are also more likely to hire you again in the future. So basically, it does half of your client acquisition work for you.

Problem 3: Your offers have a lot of inquiries, but no takers
Solution: Customize your offers to accommodate your audience’s needs
So you know you have already perfected your messaging and understood your target audience thoroughly.

But the problem is…

You are still not signing clients consistently. Frustrating, right?

So what could be going wrong?

It could be two things…

One, you may be offering it to the wrong audience.

Nothing meets a faster rejection than an offer extended to an uninterested audience. Make your life easier by finding an engaged audience whose true desires and problems you already know you can solve without depleting your energy.

Two, your offer may include things that your prospect doesn’t want. As an entrepreneur, you must become flexible. Rigidity has no place in business. Learn to adjust your offer in order to meet your clients’ needs perfectly.

Case in point, I had a client before, Eve, who struggled to sell her offer before I started working with her.

What we discovered is this…

Eve was selling her offers to whomever she could because she had a lot of traffic but the sales were incredibly low. After analyzing where her audience was in the business life cycle we realized that she was creating offers that were a mismatch to what would create the greatest wins for your audience.

So we created a new bite-sized offer that allowed her audience to experience a quick win and within a few hours, she sold two spots to that offer which meant three paying clients.

As you see, lead generation ramp-up and traffic increase is not the end-all, be-all of your client-getting problem. The only time you would want those things is once you have ironed out your messaging, target audience, and offers.