half PDF’If you want to grow out of the place where you are doing all the things in your business and have an entity that has the maturity and know-how to continue to generate new clients and opportunities, you must hire people with great attitudes and the skills to implement the strategies at hand that will push your business forward.

You may find yourself finding someone that you feel you can cultivate into the perfect worker bee for your organization investing time, energy, and yes capital into developing that person into a star player.

This person or persons may help you to remove yourself from pieces of the business that take you away from your genius zone and focus more on where you bring the most value to your organization but the truth is that people have personal missions, values, and desires that your company may not align with and so you want to create a system that allows your business to never skip a beat should someone decide their time is up.

Let’s start by talking about the mindset of recruiting new people into your company that will take the business to seven or eight figure heights.

You don’t want to get so attached to any person within your organization that you don’t document the processes, procedures, and ways of doing things in your business thinking that they will never leave.

Listen, as much as we love our businesses and love the people that work for us we have to understand that when they no longer see our businesses as the most aligned place for them to be that we allow them to be released with love and grace.

People leave for all types of reasons including getting inspired by what you have created and wanting to branch out and building something out of their own.

It is phenomenal to live in a world where free enterprise is available to those whom want it but we must protect our businesses.

Here’s how to manage your operations that consciously grow your organization with people, processes, and focused systems:

I focus on creating (or purchasing done-for-you) processes and systems that my team members can go through and quickly get on-boarded for the specific roles that they will fill within my organization.

This works well when you focus on hiring people that are energetically aligned to your mission and vision FIRST + then focus on the skills and talents required to execute in their roles.

If a role within your company is to be replaced or if several people are being interviewed and/or hired for a role it streamlines the entire process.

Everyone gets the same great training and you only had to put it together once – efficiency at its best!

I also hire implementation specialists with the skills already in place to allow me to focus on my zone of genius where it will save me a ton of time versus money.

One of the systems that I created was for content management; it allows me to add a new operator at the drop of a hat so I don’t have to invest thousands of dollars into a content manager each month.

Now, if content development was not a strong point for me I would instead hire a content strategist who would help me to develop the ideas, customer journey, and plan of action to get content marketing to work for me everyday.

However, for a specialized role like a marketing manager I would not want to create a system from scratch on this; I would simply hire a marketing manager and trial them with an assignment to ensure this is in fact the person who is capable of getting the assignment done effectively and efficiently.

In all cases, I hire people who have great attitudes, but in the case of the marketing manager I am also hiring for talent because it is a role that I want the operator to be more versed in than I am.

So, create your hiring process. Find the people you resonate with and determine whether you are going to provide them with the skill-based training to be successful in their role or whether they must come fully ready to implement.

And document.

It’ll allow you to fall in love with your team and not be devastated if they ever leave.



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