My to-do list dropped from 37 tasks to 9 when everything was delegated today to my new Executive Assistant.

Jesus! This is liberation.

WTF have I been doing with my life?!

Oh, and my decision to get to a point where I get to continuously message, sell, and serve everyday is now OFFICIALLY the focus.

The hardest part wasn’t the actually ACTION of hiring someone, creating the team training, or any of that.

It was getting to a place where I was not only okay with allowing someone to support me in this way because I had a story of:

– How I wasn’t supported (due to trauma I inherited from my parents)
– How there wasn’t anyone to support
– How if I wanted it done right I had to personally do it

& various thoughts, stories, and beliefs along those lines

But I got to a point where I FELT IT WAS INSANE NOT to be supported especially for the easy tasks that would only take a second of anyone’s time to do.

A total internal shift had to take place and a series of shifts have happened since then.

And now, I get to live even DEEPER into my own message which is that GENIUS women change the world most effectively if and only IF they operate from that genius zone.

If you notice a surge in new content published from the Amanda Hines International brand, know that its because I am more supported in BEING the messenger, creator, and visionary of my company.

And remember, that you get to choose at any time that you will only BE the person you want to be. No apologies, permission, or advance notice required.