MY SOUL TOLD ME TO STOP DOING FOR A SECOND AND JUST REALIGN A BIT TO MY IDENTITY (and how that means potentially increasing my productivity and team efficiency by 1000x)

But I have content to write!
I have sales to make!
I have people to follow-up with!

When my Spirit told me that I needed to put a hold on doing my typical income-producing activities and just listen in to a podcast episode today, I thought I wasn’t hearing correctly.

What do you MEAN listen to the podcast episode? What could I possibly learn in 18 minutes that will add THOUSANDS to my bottom-line within the next few weeks?

Spirit: You’d be surprised or maybe you wouldn’t because didn’t you just support a client in BEING more and experiencing her first $15,450 week?

Me: Okay, you got me.

So, I stop the content writing for a second and just listen to the podcast and realized how the entire episode was really about seeing where my assistants were not maximizing their time and how I could be wasting work hours with them doing the wrong tasks.

Essentially, it was telling me that the very same thing I do for my clients, I needed to ensure was happening within my own team.

Of course.

My Spirit was spot on.

And I immediately implemented this in my business.

The results?

I was getting MORE done while spending less.

My team is happier and more efficient.

Everyone is doing exactly what they are GENIUS at and no time or revenue is being wasted.

So, remember it is always best for you to optimize your business to a place where everyone is BEING who they are meant to be and align the tasks, projects, and organization accordingly.

Its not always that you need to hire another role; it may simply be that your people are out of alignment.

Go figure.