If it is a part of your vision to cultivate a team and a culture where people deeply desire and are fueled by the work that they do, it is time to ask yourself:

What would my team look like if everything I did was also about what is in the best interest of my team?

Would you still take on the same clients and projects?
Would you finally raise your rates to reflect the genius output?
Would you finally update your systems to streamline and allow people to strictly focus their time and energy where it is most valued?
Would you allow for company benefits?
Would you offer additional incentives for performance?

When I worked in hotels I was a Star Performer but there weren’t really much benefits nor incentives other than the bi-weekly paycheck to keep showing up and performing once management changed.

So do you know what happened?

My performance started to drop and I began to only do what was asked of me when my original intention was to take on the vision and mission of the company as my own and help them achieve it.

But what do you do if you don’t yet have the capital to offer company benefits and update your systems?

You become the leader that does whatever it takes within integrity of your vision and mission to create that capital.

You take less breaks and secure more clients.
You wake up earlier and get more accomplished than not.
You sacrifice your mediocrity for extraordinary and before you know it, you will have the resources to support your A-team as wonderfully as you expect them to support you.