A fun fact: 83% of the women that are in my current academy have a second mentor/consultant/adviser that they are also learning from and STILL decided to work with me.

Of that 83% that already started with someone else’s guidance when they said YES to my offer, 80% of them ALSO thought that was a good reason NOT to invest.

Yet, the way that I helped them to overcome their own perceived objection was to just tell them how normal it is and that I play well with other mentors.

In fact, my clients walk away with LESS stress and overwhelm even though the belief is that more support means MORE hustle.

That is simply not the case.

Before I became so great at navigating this particular objection, I would hear a prospect tell me that they were already working with someone and view that a perfectly good reason not to invest with me at that time.

But the truth is that everyone that wants to move fast and that understands true acceleration knows that the most successful people in the world are being mentored and coached by several people at a time.

Each person brings a unique perspective, insight, experience, and expertise to the client and that allows for quantum growth in very short periods of time.

So, the next time you hear someone object because they already have a coach or mentor, you know exactly what to say.

Also, tell me in the comments about how many people are you currently working within a mentorship/consulting capacity?