You know what’s true?

I don’t like small-talk.
I don’t like waiting for MONTHS for things that can happen right now.
I cannot stand clients that need MONTHS to decide to work with you.

I seriously just cannot stand beating around the bush.

Tell me the truth.
Let’s not waste time with it.
Get on with the point of your story.

TL/DR sounds about right.
Say it and move on with the damn thing.

That’s how I feel about most people TBH.

But I am also learning that some things require that you give them a little time so that they can be great.

Like hiring the right people that will be amazing for your company long-term.

Looking for the right mentors that you can gleam from because you’ve taken the time to look at their values, connect with their way of being, and overall because you feel they are right for you in your gut.

Like developing the body and iron-clad mindset that everyone wants but few are willing to ever work consistently to create.

Everything worth having isn’t going to happen INSTANTLY.

But that doesn’t mean you are procrastinating.
You have to take your time with certain things to get the YES to come from your gut.

If the YES doesn’t come, some decisions you’ve made are happening in HASTE just because you want to get on with the thing.

And that’s where I’ve made the mistake many times.
Its an honest mistake.

But I am in this game of LIFE for the long-haul.

If you can get over the fact that building a life worth being absolutely excited about and proud of taking time, you will WIN where it counts.

So where do you need to learn PATIENCE?