These were the 13 words that my client uttered to me when I asked her how much it meant that she achieve success in her business by her standards.

See, my client realized something that many people have still not figured out:

You must become obsessed with becoming the businessperson you see yourself to be and do whatever it takes to become her.

If you didn’t realize this before, understand that your business is a reflection of your identity.

Are you the person that does whatever it takes to get what she wants?

Are you the person that will literally move mountains and walk on water for what you want?


Then, that means this life that you claim you want is a nice-to-have; its not a must.

And that’s okay IF you want to also end up living a mediocre, half-baked life that doesn’t fuel you or create unprecedented change in the world.

But if your Spirit and every fiber of your being is telling you that you are meant for this life and that you aren’t simply using your business to run away from what you don’t like about your job – you give it your all.

You do whatever it takes.
You become the woman that by identity is completely detached to how she gets her ask but absolutely 1000% committed to the fact that she does.

And when you do, you too, can create your monumental income day just like my client did.

Her first $15K sales week happened only 25 days after making this statement.

Have you decided, yet?