Just last month, I worked with a client that is brilliant at sales and has a personality larger than life.

Really, she IS such an amazing soul but she was experiencing an all too common issue:

She was experiencing the good ‘ol income roller-coaster where one month she was earning $8K in revenue and the next month she was met with barely enough to take care of basic living expenses.

And as a mother, a breadwinner, and an all out FORCE that hit me to the core.

Immediately, I thought about how my first sales bought diapers for my son who was an infant at the time.

The first month that my business saw a profit fueled my family but equally as important it fueled my BELIEF in my skills, my expertise, and the work that I have cultivated.

So when she was telling me about her experiences I immediately related to them.

I also related to the fears she was experiencing – although I didn’t tell her that.

Naturally, I dived in to help her.

We looked at her past client history and her existing clients.

Immediately, I was able to connect the dots, upgrade her offer, reposition it for her niche (which she didn’t even realize WAS her niche), and adjust her marketing message to support it.

Less than a month later, she was booked solid.

But what I don’t want you to gleam from this client’s success was that it was necessarily EASY for her to decide to work with me.

She made a monetary investment that was SIGNIFICANT in her mind because the money wasn’t there.

She had to TRUST herself and trust that her investment would be returned to her.

She made a BET ON HERSELF.

Today, she tells me how she doesn’t have those same income worries anymore.

Now, she is working towards scaling her offer as its all so new to her and she is simply so grateful.

And I can see it on her face.
On her family photos, she looks happier!

Further more, I’ve noticed that she has stopped doing things that weren’t moving the needle forward to her revenue giving her MORE time for her family and the things that mean the most to her.

THIS is the real win of working with me.

The money is a byproduct of your expertise, your experiences, your grit, your confidence, and my secret sauce coming together.

In her, I saw a younger version of myself.

And in that, I had FULL CONFIDENCE in her ability to succeed.

So trust your skills.
Trust yourself.
Make sure you trust the strategist, mentor, or coach.
Experience their genius.
Engage with them.

And transform your life.