Oh, this is gonna be a damn juicy post if I must say so myself.

You know how they say you need to hang your hat in ONE area and become KNOWN for that thing and then create all your offers to support people in that one area?

Well, what they forgot to tell you is that if that thing that you were once gung-ho over becomes irrelevant, uninspiring, essentially BORING AF to you?

Move on.

Its not only okay – its required!

Because chances are that you’ve elevated and grown since those first days in your business.

If you’ve done ANY energy work AT ALL that wasn’t complete bullshit your motivations, your desires, your life looks wildly different than what they did in the beginning.

And if we’re going to be honest if you’re a business coach teaching people how to get their first paying clients and you are now in a place where you resonate more with those that are building established businesses and feel lit up by that audience then why on Earth are you serving a group that you are no longer in alignment with?

That’s not compassionate now, is it?

Its time to elevate into your new level of being and just BE the businesswoman that INVESTS her time, energy, and being into the people, message, and work that fuels her.

The industry doesn’t need another “Get Your First Paying Clients” Coach.

The information is everywhere.

The industry deeply craves more original people that lead with heart, personality, and vibrancy – who just happen to be badass at helping them build businesses and lives they can be proud of.

Are you up for that?