I completely shattered another limiting belief that slowed down how quickly I was putting myself out there.

Yes, I know that I am great at MY one thing but I didn’t necessarily feel ready for major publications, to grow a large audience and expand my reach on certain platforms, and basically allow the entire world to see me.


Because I wasn’t “media ready.”

My site needed to be updated and still does.
My message, audience profile, and offers have evolved tremendously from what is shown there.
My funnel hadn’t been integrated everywhere.

Basically, everything that I know on a logical level is *supposed to be there* for someone to advance through the customer journey, wasn’t setup the way my mentors have expressed.

And that made me feel like I wasn’t ready to show up in a big way.

Thankfully, my audience thought differently.

In the last few months, I have been invited to numerous platforms to speak on my zone of genius.

I provided my bio, created targeted training for their audiences, and offered my expertise openly.

You know what happened?

My calendar has started to fill up and my sales have increased.
No one cared about my website.
No one cared about my blog not being updated.
No one cared about the fact that my lead magnets on my website are outdated.

And then what happened next was life-changing:

I decided to appear in front of MORE audiences without worrying about being “camera ready.”

And guess what?

The results haven’t slowed down.

In fact, they are beginning to build momentum.

So let that be a reminder that the moment you feel its time for you to start putting yourself out there in a bigger way, START.

Don’t wait for the funnels or the website design or the perfect photos to start.

Don’t even wait for another 100 client testimonials.


All that stuff is just holding you back from showing up with your ONE thing that you are incredibly gifted at and can bring to the world-changing thousands of lives.

And when you DO get started, tell us so that we can be in the background cheering you on.