I’ve officially shifted beliefs I’ve held about business, entrepreneurship, and myself that I’ve held since I was 14 years old.

These beliefs kept me in hiding, fearful as hell of real success, and playing coy with my genius.

And you know what emotions came up today that I haven’t felt since elementary school?

Jealousy and envy.

I felt jealous of all the younger 20 something’s that didn’t have to experience so much struggle before they gave themselves permission to shine.

I started judging myself HARSHLY for it taking so long – by my standards – to integrate new patterns and beliefs into my psyche.

I started beating myself up for not acting sooner on strategies that I’ve known about since I was 17 years old in my business.


All the emotions I’ve numbed myself for years from feeling are surfacing.

And I feel that’s a good thing.

The ice queen is thawing and the Real Queen is emerging for the first time ever.

So if you are experiencing radical shifts in your identity which shows up in your beliefs, emotions, and actions give yourself grace.

Its alright to shift your former identity to become the more evolved version of Self that you’ve worked years to unleash.

You’ve waited your entire life for this moment.

Embrace Yourself.
Love Yourself.
Forgive Yourself.