I’ve just registered for an event that made me feel SUPER uncomfortable because I am pretty certain I will be the lowest earning CEO in the room.

I’ve applied to a network where the average member is earning $9 million dollars per year.

But God has been speaking to me about the reason I am not growing as fast as He would have it:

The resistance to my purpose has been wrapped up in the fact that I am surrounding by constituents and people that can’t feed me.

Leaders must have leaders feeding THEM so that they can continue to feed those they are called to serve.

If you are currently in a season where EVERYONE thinks you’ve made it and looking at you as the example because you are doing better than THE MAJORITY of them

And you don’t have a network of mentors, confidants, and advisers to help you continue to elevate to YOUR NEXT LEVEL, you are doing yourself a disservice.

You are doing your PURPOSE a disservice.
You are doing your MINISTRY a disservice.

You need to go SEARCH for environments that stretch you and mold you into your next level of BEING.

See, this is why gratitude is actually quite tricky (no one talks about this)…

When you are basked in gratitude you literally cannot feel the effects of your small-mindedness.

You cannot feel the strain of your refusal to do the things you are called to do.

Its like you are numbed off from your pain and so you are operating like the crackhead on the corner that has no house to live in and no food to eat but is feeling so high off the drug that he doesn’t see how much he is sabotaging his purpose.

Gratitude can be that when you play in it too long and don’t come out of it long enough to see where you TRULY ARE.

You NEED burning desire.

Because after the burning desire sets in and the thought of staying where you are becomes unbearable, YOU MOVE.

You’ll get so fed up of your own shit that you TAKE BOLD ACTION.

And once that burning desire sets in and you are taking bold action…you are fed up of your own excuses and tolerances

THEN you go back into gratitude.

See, its a dance.

The contrast is required to mold you.

Pain and pleasure have their purpose.

They are both working for your highest good.

Diamonds are made in the fire.
Leaders are molded in the fire.

And gratitude is the catalyst that takes your ACTION and takes it to incredible heights.

But some of you haven’t developed the discipline to take action when you don’t feel like it so you need the burning desire to come back and snap your ass back into alignment.

So, what do you need RIGHT NOW to lead you into this season?

The burning desire?
The gratitude to match your action?
The community of doers, movers, shakers, and BEINGS that will guide you, support you, and rally you into your purpose?

Figure that out as you plan your next move.

And watch your life change right before your very eyes.