Have you ever known exactly what to do but secretly wished for a lead generation magic pill that you knew didn’t exist?

That was what my mind asked for last week.

A lead generation magic pill of sorts that would just automatically add HUNDREDS of perfect swoon-worthy leads to my list.

I was even willing to allow them to fall from the sky.

Just this once.

Yes, I know it doesn’t work this way but I was open to it. 😂

The way it ACTUALLY works is that you make the offer for people to join your list a thousand times over.

You invite the right people to join and interact with you as many times and as often as possible filtering out the wrong-for-you people as much as you can.

You commit to connection and engagement like your life depends on it.

You execute on the lead generation strategies that resonate with you and you do them consistently.

That is the ONLY magic you’ll be provided as it relates to list-building or building ANY community for that matter.

YOU must become the person by identity that connects with new people on a regular and consistent basis.

And of course, you COULD rely on Facebook ads, Google ads, and other forms of traffic to find, sort, and qualify your leads for you but they won’t replace the work.

Every lead that comes through those channels are STILL PEOPLE and people respond to relationships; not funnels.

Read that back to yourself until it seeps deep into your subconscious mind.

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It’s totally worth it, Genius.

Here you go!