Ha! So I just had a “Maybe that’s too much, too soon” thought pop-up around hiring a Marketing Implementation specialist for my business.

Someone that literally works alongside of me, sees my vision, and executes on the vision.

Immediately, my mind wanted to tell me “That’d be expensive.”

My Soul says, “You said that about your Executive Admin Assistant and look at how badass and within budget she is.”

And then my Soul just takes over the entire conversation as she typically does:

“Its not expensive. Money is never the decision-making factor for us, anyway.”

“We will interview people just as we have for everything else and ensure we have the right person.”

“Oh, didn’t you have someone that could do this before?”

“Think about all the people that are GENIUS at this stuff but refuse to charge the full value of their services.”

And just like that, a new role is being hired for.

3 hires in less than 2 months.