Imagine one day you look back and are proud of your paid advertising efforts…

“Amanda, what are you WILLING to spend for a new client – not just any client but a perfect client – to come into your vortex?” this is the question one advertising specialist asked me last year.

Immediately I thought, “Well, I would be willing to spend at least $500 for ONE soulmate client.”

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks: some of us aren’t even reaching a large enough audience that our soulmates would ever SEE US much less develop a relationship.

That’s why I started investing in paid advertising, because…

  • I am NOT paying for advertising.
  • I am not even paying for LEADS.


  • I am paying for my soulmates to discover ME.
  • I am paying for access to the people that naturally love me and that I love to work with.
  • I am paying for the reach required to have my soulmate clients step into my vortex. To come home to someone they resonate with and most likely relate to on some level.

That’s the beauty and the privilege of having a paid advertising specialist that truly knows what they are doing professionally as an advertiser in your life. That is what you should experience when you invest at this level in your business.

If you are NOT experiencing that but you have actively started investing in paid advertising, there could be a few things wrong.

7 Things That Could Keep You from Experiencing Delicious Soulmate Love from Your Paid Advertising Effort

1. The first thing is that you don’t have a strong understanding of who your ideal clients are on a foundational level.

  • What skills do they have?
  • What level of education are they most likely going to have?
  • What stage of business are they in now? (IMPORTANT)
  • Which energy system are they dominant? (IMPORTANT)
  • Which leaders and influencers carry that dominant energy system that your soulmates are likely to subscribe to?

2. The second is that you don’t have a clear understanding of what message they need to hear to connect with you.

  • What are the problems that they are kept awake by right now?
  • What does their next level look like?
  • What is required of them to step into their next level version?

You don’t get these answers by surveys, by the way. You develop these responses by building a TRUE rapport with your audience and getting to a place where they feel like they are speaking with a trusted confidant.

So, if you have a question about your AUDIENCE or the MESSAGE as it relates to your soulmates go and do the work. Save this post and then come back once you’ve done the work to know in your core who your people are and what they need, desire, and crave on a soul level from you, right now.

3. But even with an aligned audience and a solid message, you cannot transform lives without an offer.

  • What does it look like to work with you?
  • What is the ONE major outcome of this investment?
  • What do you require of the client?
  • How must they show up in order to receive their transformation?

The offer can be delivered in numerous ways but ultimately without a solid offer, some would even call it irresistible, you are still not going to acquire the clients, cash, and impact you desire.

If your offers need to go from okay to on-the-money, my 5 days to $10k sprint can help.

Still on point?

4. You must learn how to turn meaningful conversations into sales invitations.

If you are regularly speaking to your soulmates and the message is good, clear, and consistent but no professional transition ever happens where you invite them to work with you to experience their transformations, you have an issue with developing conversations into sales invitations.

Once you have the information about your audience and the message, use that to lead them into the sales conversation.

If you believe you truly ONLY have an issue with the INVITATION piece, again, the 5 days to $10k sprint may be the solutions you’re seeking to get you started.

5. Now, if you are making sales invitations to your soulmates on a consistent basis but you are not getting the YES AND THE PAYMENT, you have a problem with the sales CLOSING.

  • This piece is where your prospect turns into your client.
  • This piece is where the money hits your bank account.
  • This piece is where transformation begins and lives are changed.

But here’s the catch and the reason why paid advertising is so critical to a growing business independent of its creator – that’s you! – a business without a consistent stream of qualified traffic doesn’t last long.

6. Your lead generation and how you are introducing your brand and business to new people on a regular and consistent business is failing

Even if you have a proprietary framework for client results and a predictable process for client acquisition, you will not sustain your business revenue without a consistent stream of new people coming into the door and learning about you, your work, and that framework you use to create results.

Personally, I find it more beneficial to have a mix of organic and paid traffic coming into your business but whatever you do, don’t rely on only one stream of traffic for 100% of your business revenue.


And last but not least, if you have the:

  • Audience
  • Message
  • Offer
  • Sales Invitation
  • Sales Close
  • Lead generation stabilized

But yet you feel that your business IS NOT producing the results you desire, check YOURSELF

  • Are you operating from the place of integrity that makes your business feel meaningful and purposeful?
  • Are you treating yourself and others with the utmost respect, care, and appreciation?
  • Are you a person of good morals and character that you would encourage others to model?
  • Are you walking your talk consistently?
  • Are you diving into your shadows and bringing the darkness into the light?
  • Are you developing, growing, expanding, maturing regularly?

If there is not a HELL FUCKING YES at the end of that, you go back and do the work.

This work is arguably the most intense of all that I’ve mentioned and here’s the beautiful thing, love.

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Because we BOTH know this isn’t a game of strategy, alone. 

Energy matters.

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  • This is NOT for the over type A must know every step of the way individual.
  • This is NOT for the control freak.
  • This is NOT for the person out for the money without truly helping people.
  • This is NOT for the person that is tapped out in every sense of the word looking for a SAVIOR – I am NO ONE’S Savior.

This is for the woman that knows who she is, what she brings to the table, and desires to serve MORE powerful souls in experiencing their transformations….

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