What Paying Clients Say…

I highly recommend Amanda. Since working with Amanda my life has changed. Within the first month I went from drought to $1024 USD. We cleaned up my messaging, created a content strategy, made a winning $120K formula and now I’m onto $10K consistently. She is the go to queen of messaging.

~ Erial Wheeler

Writer, Online Show Host, Brand Specialist, iherbrand

Wow – find a way or make a way to become a client of Amanda’s!

She is extremely thorough with helping you define what you should be sharing with the world, and the step-by-step that is specific to that purpose. You will know exactly how to reach your ultimate goal after each session is done. She gets so very excited about helping her clients and her passion shines through each of her client calls, her responses to emails, and even her sharing of client results with others.
I highly recommend her to help you to win!!

~ Clarissa Winchester

Since working with Amanda, I now have 2 signature programs that support businesses in 2 different levels AND I have a book collaboration program that is getting great traction (7 out of 20 spots filled in under 30 days). Without Amanda’s expertise I would not have been able to properly create and offer these options.

What did you like about this program?

I liked that it included packaging of my expertise, and a break down of the income strategy I needed to be successful. The thoroughness of the program is top notch and I feel more like a business owner instead of saying that I’m one.

~ Tesa Colvin

Book Publishing Consultant, Borrow My MBA

Amanda has been fantastic! Before starting her program, I was lost. I didn’t know where to start with all the knowledge I had gained from previous trainings and was overwhelmed by what I was “supposed” to be doing.

Amanda put all my knowledge into a clear, concise focus for me. She allowed me to explore what I wanted on my own by simply guiding me toward what I believed. She helped me not only understand what I am trying to convey, but also helped me outline the steps I needed to start moving toward forward and truly building my business.

~ Janae Jenkins

Network Marketing Professional

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